What can be done to pump etn price?

Etn price recently hasn’t been encouraging. Please suggest ways we can make the price go up.

Valid price increase is important not “hype”. It will come and most will miss when it happens


The most important thing about any price increase is that it MUST come organically. and that will take time


I think once the vendors get on board and marketing is rolled out by the Electroneum team…we will see more buyers and thus price will start to increase :slight_smile:


We just have to be patient. The bull market and partnerships will drive the price high. Also, if ETN successfully implements all their plans and products and brings in real world use case with it.


Patience is the key…I just bought more last night.


hodl is only the solution

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Right now we just have to hodl - Im Hodling since Ico… and yes after that price drop below the Ico price you would think its hard for me still to hold but you know what? - For me it doenst matter how low it drops becasue this project with a running system will be huge

  • The price could pump with the OKEX exchange - just vote for it
  • Invite friends to give them the opportunity to join this awesome community!

Keep in mind that other coins are giving themselves a bad image while hoping for a high return from their coins’ teams that may play with the markets themselves and try to fuel incentive with celebrities and etc. Nothing good about a quick pump after a promise which usually then leads to a dump in most cases anyways. Letting everything go organically and having devs that don’t try things like cutting supply and throwing people’s faces out there that can hardly understand or explain a thing doesn’t help bring new people in that could explain in great enough detail what something is to begin to establish a great network for any sort of healthy growth. All it takes is for people to know us to like us. :stuck_out_tongue: Ignorance has been basically the worst enemy at this point but has been healthy to some others based on hype. When we all start to understand how everything actually works and was created for, that’s when it’ll work against others and work in favor of us. We should just help spread the knowledge for now and grow our network of people who understand. ^-^


For me, best thing to do is talking about ETN to people around us :wink:

Most of people don’t even know about crypto yet, so more people get involved, more people will buy for sure and start to mine on their phone,

We are a great community and we all have to work together in this, youtubers are doing a great job as well :slight_smile:

ETN have a great future, no doubt about it and we all have to help them to get the 10M users they need to really start great things


Best way is to keep positive keep promoting ETN and come out with more ways to use ETN. Example if you are a business owner , you could use ETN as a form or membership reward “point” system to your customers .

The same way banks give point system for the use of their credit cards. The more uses for ETN the larger and faster it will be to achieve mass adoption .

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Collect more ETN, this lowers your cost average and boosts the project market cap, and the potential to reap the rewards when things turn around. If you believe in this venture there should be no hesitation :wink:

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Get Wall Street to buy


Electroneum has only 2 decimal places. As an example, Bitcoin has 8 and Monero 12. Smaller coin quantities is much easier for practical use. 2 decimal places is a fundamental problem which is undermining the idea that Electroneum is design to be used by masses for small transactions. Electroneum programme will fail if the price of ETN will rise. These two things clash with each other. How you can expect that ETN price will be going up and the programme will be successful. If ETN will be ever above $1 all idea about ETN being used for small transactions will not work. The community strength is not an issue. My question is to the ETN team. Can you please explain how you are going to solve this fundamental problem with 2 decimal places?


good to see you on here!

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@sunnee, I will give the following points as how/what to do for ETN price pump.

  1. Ads on websites: ETN needs to be put on advertising campaigns by the ETN Team. This is their social responsibility.

  2. Social Media Ads: We can push the strength of ETN presence by constant advertisements on our(users) social media platforms.

  3. One on One Talk: This is another key role we(users) must play in order to pump ETN price. We must engage our friends into ETN conversation, like how it works and all that.

  4. Seminars: This is another role we must play in pumping ETN price. Holding seminars will teach the public what they need to know about ETN and Cryptos.

  5. Partnership: I thank the ETN Team, they are onto that already.

  6. HandBills and Stickers: We can also make handbills and stickers for publicity and enlightened.

If we can do all these things and get people invlived, the price of ETN will be mooning to about $5/ETN by mid year 2019. THANKS.


Although the prices may seem unencouraging now, I believe the team are putting things in place to ensure that in the nearest future the price will sky rocket as other Cryptos. Moreover, I believe that a lot more campaign by members of the community and the ETN team should be carried out to promote ETN to the a lot of people. #ETNskyRocket​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Theres not alot we can do except spread the word, the market does what it wants but really ETN and what they do have the biggest impact on price. Probably the best thing we can do is spread the word and help the ETN team give feedback, help other users.


Just look at what drove DOGECOIN price to a +170% in 1 week: the upcoming dogethereum bridge.
What I mean is that the only thing that could drive etn price up is the release of new features, (like the instant payment) or new updates or a new marketing campaign


you have a point here… it will rise eventually

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