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Official Announcements

Only Electroneum Admins can create a topic here, but anyone can reply.

Blockchain Discussion

General discussion about the ETN blockchain.


AnyTask is a fairer freelance marketplace, offering zero seller fees and a new payment system that isn’t reliant on the seller having a bank account, meaning thousands of new freelancers can now sell with AnyTask.

Tell us your trusted Crypto resources (global)

Tell us your trusted Crypto resources (global)

How Do I?...

If you have a specific question on how do so something with Electroneum or the Electroneum App then post it here! If your query is about API integration or blockchain specific, please use the correct category.

Articles / ETN in the press

Please only START a topic if you find an article about Electroneum in the press, including interesting links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Steam, Medium etc.

API / Instant Pay Developers

Post in this category if you are discussing the implementation or use of the Instant Payment API system.
If you are not part of it already - please apply USING THE EMAIL ADDRESS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ELECTRONEUM ACCOUNT:

ETN Guides

Written a guide or “how to” for Electroneum? Awesome! Post it here and a moderator can verify it and make it public.

Vendor / Agent Discussion

Discussion between Vendors or Agents regarding the use of Electroneum. This area is not for technical discussion which should be posted in the API Developers category.

Exchanges / Future / Price

Discussion about Exchange listings, the future of the Electroneum market and price discussion. Please note that Electroneum staff, moderators and admins are unable to make price predictions.


If you think you have an opportunity that the Electroneum team should pursue, or if you have ideas for promotion or growth, we are keen to hear from you.

Fan Art

Fan art and links to ETN Videos

Non ETN discussion

General discussion on any subject OUTSIDE of Electroneum. Post here if you would like to discuss any other topic including but not limited to other cryptocurrencies, which mountain bike to buy or how to train a tortoise to use the TV remote.

Ideas & Recommendations

Got an idea for this forum or for Electroneum? This is the place to post it.
Have a look through any ideas that users submit - and VOTE for the ones you like best! A great opportunity for the Electroneum team to get feedback from the community - AND gauge community interest.


Learn online without the fees

Instant Payment integration video category

Videos from Users of their successful Instant Payment API integrations. Vote for your favourite!
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