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Announcements and Articles

Here you’ll find all our latest announcements. Only admins can create topics here, but anyone can reply.

Social Media

Stay up to date with all our latest posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Tech Talk

Here you can get stuck into discussions around blockchain, API, instant payment, or anything else technical.

Token and Exchanges

Please note, Electroneum staff, Moderators and Admins are unable to take part in any discussions around token value.

Ideas & Recommendations

Got an idea you’d like to discuss? This is the place to post it. You can even vote for your favorite ideas!


Happy Holidays & Welcome to the ETN-Network Community… Please have a look around as there is lot of topics to chose from and if you have a question please reach out to the community members or dm a moderator.

Guides & FAQ

Written a guide or “how to” for Electroneum? Awesome! Post it here and a moderator can verify it and make it public.
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