Statistic for you - The incredible supporting community


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Thanks still I have 60 coins… I only want some likes back :smiley: so like 5 my post with the like button :wink:


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Great posts, keep them coming sir !


I would give you my ETN wallet adres @Mr.CryptoCZ but i rather give that 10 ETN that you would give me to people that really need it for the future or want it so whoever gets those 10 ETN i hope it will make you happy in the future! :wink:


I thought I was too late lol here you go. And I posted something free for everyone, I hope helps. Below is the link to the post



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Thankyou Mr Crypto. Of course I’ll like your post as soon as I figure out how, which hopefully will be in the next hour :smile: :smile: :smile: that’s the love heart isn’t it?.. I’ve also put a link into my post and referred someone to this page.


New weekly update is ALIVE check here the link to graph section:
What is new:

  • 2 exchanges delist ETN - Vebitcoin + Cryptomate
  • Massive increase of trade volume + doubled price
  • for one week about 40 000 new registrations
  • big increase of Hash power
  • much more just explore itself


My address -


Totally awesome, I love what you are doing! Cheers and keep it up, anything that builds community is great in my books :slight_smile:


You are welcome - just sended 10 etn. And have last 30 etn in this my welcome Giveaway here…


Just loving this forum


Thanks for support, now i have last 20 etn. Please give me some LOVE back - for example 10 likes :smiley:


New weekly update is available… just short example grow in time: more in excel :wink:


Last statictic is available. I make rebranding some part of excel add more text and comments to be more easy to understand the numbers behind it. check it here and if you can retweet thx


I am pleased that we are growing in time by popularity see some images from my excel - section LINK ( ):

And also popularity in west countries is amazing - then what about poor countries our target area. Just imagine if we get to TOP100 app in Nigeria or Egypt or Philliphines or India, Banglades, Vietnam??


This is awesome and I love that you do this stuff. Good on you and keep it coming! :slight_smile: