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1st time here so i have something maybe you dont see before - some of my friends or followers at Twitter know it. In history i post it at Reddit too. But you can check it and give me a feedback. What we need now to grow is - instant payment, more languages translations, marketing in key region - with most population - India, Latin America + Africa, and some partnership not in MOU but in really daily usage… Here is statistic(total 9 worksheets - better to explore at PC): Because is not possible to put here link inside You need to go to my Twitter @cechv2 aka Mr. CryptoCZ (in history Mr. Electroneum)
Hi to all :slight_smile:


Ok so for the speed up my popularity here write below your ETN adress i will send you some thanks for your time and dont forget to like and support me here or at Twitter :wink: Good luck to all. 1st 10 persons get the reward of 10 coins for free just for type here the adress - so dont miss your opportunity.


Nobady here wants their 10 ETN just for typing your ETN adress? Weird…


@Mr.CryptoCZ you are very kind!

I would totally take another 10 ETN but I can’t be too greedy, there has got to be another someone wanting 10 ETN sent to their mobile wallet.


Well, if you are @cechv2 on Twitter, I already follow you!

Maybe people don’t realise that you can safely give out your public wallet address and are scared of getting scammed.

I won’t say no to a free 10 $ETN every little help, thanks!

Sorry if I am confusing you with someone else on Twitter, but did you used to post spreadsheets with Electroneum facts on, I think relating to mobile mining figures and numbers of members?



I have just send you my 1st giveaway here. Congratulation @Smumblenations image


Thank You! Mr Crypto. That was very kind of you. Good luck with your Electroneum journey! We will be glad that we started it. :smiley::+1:


Last update is available - check it. Did you know that in excel i have a lot of iteresting links? Like:


I am here to share the love, because I am the USER that give most like buttons :smiley: help me to create here better place for all of US and be kind to me and give me a feedback :wink: image
Normal users get 10 ETN from the miner every 2-3 days if you want to receive DONATION from me just write bellow here your ETN adress and I will send you 10 ETN (9 persons still can receive a gift from me).
And I can test instant payment so be so kind and write me here your address.
And if you want to explore the excel here you have the direct LINK (better to explore via laptop-PC) total 9 worksheets:



I wish a nice day and thank you



Right now I sended to you @03c9ba61bd1d4ef42607 :slight_smile: enjoy it like me 1st try after instant is ready image


Thanks for the Trust @fffcfa614cb1f64155db , still i have 70 etn to giveaway…


Well atleast Im your third favorite Haha @Mr.CryptoCZ :grinning:


You are 3rd I am 4th… I would like all your post and you do the same to mine :smiley: :smiley: I can be the 1st :wink: and have all BADGES for now i have only 20 badges :smiley: I am addicted to this FORUM and of course ETN. Couldnt wait till every shop on the planet will accept our lovely coin. Because we are Electronians we beat all cryptocurrencies :wink:


Oh i see i was looking wrong Haha i was thinking it was from you personally @Mr.CryptoCZ


Last Thuesday update is live includind graphs etc…

For detail go here (better use laptop or PC):


Nice chart @Mr.CryptoCZ :+1:


Thank you for your thanks. :slight_smile:


am I too late? :smile: that is soooo wonderful, what a lovely thing to do :genie: Wishing you a jolly good day… or is it night there? lol