🎉 Saint Nicholas Day; 14000+ ETN GIVEAWAY


Hi, my financial condition is not good and my living conditions are very small i from iran.im farmer



You already participated. Winners will be announced on 6.12.2018
So what you have to do:
:zap:Write country you are coming from.
:zap: Short introduction of yourself.
:zap: What is your story .
Then will be posted who will received how much ETN


Aaaaaah I’m not getting it tell me the standard of selecting the winners and your chance of winning cos I have participated but not sure my application is recorded should I apply again


I recommend sending Jernej a pm with a picture from your place too, maybe, such way you confirm your story too. :blush:


Your application is fine. Wait till the end.


Okay okay okay now I’m relaxed


This is the one that I invited, de8042d79984910599ea


He already participated. So he is in…:grinning:


Maybe do a lot of little giveaways or a few big ones? Didn’t have much time to read above. :sunglasses::+1:

Divide the good causes by the amount of coins or…


Give the needy more on a sliding scale!! But it’s your give away @Jernej so it’s your rules bro! :v:


Hi I’m from Romania.
I’m a student and i trust that electoneum will grow up in a very good way.
I heard about etn 6 months and i started to mine it with my phone but it is too slow and i’d like to win some and this is a good opportunity, because Saint Nicholas comes in my country too.


So far only really people from development countries have applied and i am thinking about dividing all ETN among all participants equally. But a lot can happen in 3 days :grinning:


I think it would make more of a difference that way only give to people that it would make a difference in their lives, I counted about 10 so 1400 each would be quite the Xmas present :gift:


Thanky to our latest donations from @The-Magic-Man and @JonneHex we now have ower 14000 ETN giveaway. Thank you :smile:


The Iele dance at christmas in your country…!
Welcome. :heart::heart:


Great,:blush: the magic man is a good guy!


Cheers my friend! :sunglasses::+1:


Woop woop.:sunglasses:
I actually has a guy from greece i know, that live in australia. Better give him å message


Dedicated to:


Lovely and it wasn’t much at all to me in ETN but I hope If finds somebody else better off because of a small gesture now. X