🎉 Saint Nicholas Day; 14000+ ETN GIVEAWAY


One week till winners are announced. You still can participate :partying_face::grinning:


Hello my name is larry. I live in northern maine. There aren’t a lot of jobs in this area, so I do odd jobs whenever I can.



Fantastic Idea @Jernej I have just donated to your cause. Share the wealth! GO community team ETN!!!


O WOW, Thanks to @Thunder we now have over 11K giveaway. Thank you for your generosity. :grinning:


I’m from **Ghana **
A student and a royal fun of electroneum
Since electroneum is targeting the 99% And those from Unbanked world,
It’s making it one of the unique cryptocurrency out on this earth and it’s success level is very high,
Therefore I’m optimistic of winning this giveaway

My electroneum Address.



Hi, I’m Alex from Georgia. My girlfriend appeared to be a b*tch, so I was left heartbroken and then got in love with ETN. I’m happy now)))


You still have 5 day to participate. Thank to community members our give away is even bigger.


4 days left :heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag:


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Do we really don’t have any more unbanked people in our community to participate in giveaway?
To participate write this in replay:
:zap:Write country you are coming from.
:zap: Short introduction of yourself.
:zap: What is your story


My guts feeling tells me those who really cheer up by your giveaway are here! I for one!
On the other hand many people have cashed out in this red market or maybe they are too angry because of heavy losses, don’t want to check community.
I know 2 really destitude persons, and wanted to tell them to come here, but i think it leaves a bad impression having 3 people from the same country posting for donation.


In the spirit of xmas, what about dividing the giveaway amount up to share with everyone who entered this most generous competition. :fist_right::fist_left:


I add up my donation with 366 more.:blush:
@The-Magic-Man, maybe he is in the donation zone?


What is needed for this?


Up here u find jernej adress. :top::top:And info on what.:blush:


Incoming my friend… 2500 ETN


It doesn’t matter if all participants are from the same country. I would like to donate ETN in right hands. And maybe this way spread some word about ETN in unbanked countries
I know in some countries economical conditions are hard.


I did that but haven’t heard anything and I don’t know the creteria for selecting the winners too


I told one of them.
The first time i informed him(for 10000 giveaway),it was late, he didn’t win any coins.


I’m from the philippines, a service crew in a fastfood restaurant. I consider myself a “newbie” in crypto world and because of that i got scammed in several hyip/ponzi sites, until i knew about etn, etn changed my mind that crypto is not a scam, that etn is the future. Its been a year now and i’m still a believer. Every month if i have some spare money like $10, im saving it to purchase some etn, but sometimes i cant afford it due to that im helping my family needs. But i know someday that etn will be big in the future, and all of the sacrifices for our family will be worth it.