🎉 Saint Nicholas Day; 14000+ ETN GIVEAWAY




Awesome sauce! So happy the community is growing and doing well! Cheers!


@Jernej how are you doing for donations? If you get low let me know!


Winners will be announced today and ETN will be send today. Final amount will be equally divided among participants. More we collect more they will receive :smile:


How many participants now


If we bounce up above 210 this weekend i will give 1000etn to one of contenders.


Current participants: (12)


@8635ad5fa95db8a4303c, @ako, @PEACE, @J.E, @marius_m160 Please send me your ETN address. From odhers I already have it from posts.


Truely what amazing generosity. Much love to this community, proud to be part of such a positive movement. :fist_right::fist_left:




Goodevening brother! This is my etn add. Thankyou for this opportunity, may God bless you more! More power Brother!


Thank you Jernej, happy St. Nicholas.



So is it 1166etn each person?
That’s quite a lot of etns.


Those that I have invited to etn are also interested can I share their address with you so they can benefit?


Every person interested must enter giveaway themselves. You cant do it on their behave,
One ETN address per person.


Okay, then He have to come himself


How many hours more to go


5 hours left. Final announcement will be at 20:00 CET


Thanks for your generosity!



Good evening sir
may etn reach about one dollar soon so I can buy an expensive gift for my wife`s birthday which is dued in around 40 days (she only likes expensive presents such as bracelet.necklace.earing )


Hi from Turkey, me myself I’m originally from Syria ,resident here in Turkey because the war in my country .it’s my last year at department of chemistry this year I’ll graduate :sunglasses::heart_eyes:
.yeap I’m infatuated in ETN .By ETN me as a college I started my own project and started to help people, students, professor’s to know this PERFECT project eventually by solving our days problems by sending or received money and all other delays .and the big issue here in my community unbanked people and their needs for good easy easy payment system so if you loved and infatuated in some thing that helps you in reality that is it .on the other hand try attract new user by sending little bit of ETN showing them how it fast and secure.so at the end
We are not looking at prices or any thing else .
We are searching for perfect money sending and receiving payment system and we got that .:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunglasses:
by the way I would rather to thank every body who works for that sake and really especial thanks to all ETN team hopefully we will be the number one coin in the world soon .we trust and believe that what ever happened best thanks and regards from Turkey


Who are the organizers of these ,they need to be recognised