🎉 Saint Nicholas Day; 14000+ ETN GIVEAWAY


:zap: Hello community.:zap:
In spirit of holidays I would like to give away some ETN. On 6th of December in :slovenia: Slovenia :slovenia: we celebrate first of 3 good mean that are bearing gifts :gift::gift: in December, this is St. Nicholas.
What St. Nicholas day is you can check on this link::innocent::imp:

So let’s get to the giveaway. I will give away 500 ETN to 10 persons but there are some rules.
The giveaway will be in ETN moto BANK THE UNBANKED.
Winners of giveaway will be the ones in need.
So what you have to do:
:zap:Write country you are coming from.
:zap: Short introduction of yourself.
:zap: What is your story .

:moneybag:If somebody want to contribute to giveaway there is my ETN address. All received founds from possible donation will be added to 5000 ETN. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Our ETN budget:
5000 - Jernej
400 - RSKNOR
300 - JonneHex
5995 - Thunder
2500 - The-Magic-Man
366 - JonneHex

14525 ETN
Thank you for your contribution :smiley:

:tada:The winners will be announced on 6th of December at 20:00 CET.:tada:

Maybe Youtubers can advert this giveaway and draw more people in our community forum.

The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread
The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread
Indonesian comunity
10,000 Free ETN Giveaway!

I am a construction worker, originally from iran but now I have moved to Iraq because our currency has lost it’s value and here I receieve more money for my working.
my etn story began with an advice from my best friend who was always number 1 at school and exams, but unfortunately he is unemployed like me, in fact 80% of our graduates are unemployed and depressed because our economy is terrible.
to be honest I hoped etn to be 36$ so I bought about 260$ etn at a very high price I think it was 3.4 cent at that time and now with current etn price I have lost about 70% of my money which was my very very hard earned wage of house building.
when I first bought etn, i promised myself to help 200 people(those who I knew were very very poor in my town) after that etn reached 36$, but it never happened and now I am asking for help. It is a very bad and shameful and loosing feeling that I have right now.
any way I hold my etns untill I see that price which i saw clearly in my dream (i saw a big pump to 36$ in a vivid dream!) and next time it will be me who helps those 200 persons in need.


This is a Great Idea @Jernej , small donation sent :+1:


Thank you for your donation. It is added to sum.:smiley:


I will send Jernej, damjan? :blush:
Just wait, eggs in my big mouth…
Error in your adress?


Well I will part take


Jernej Damjan is Slovenian ski Jumper :skier:.
My ETn adress:


I know, jernej.:wink:.
Sending now


Just received 300ETN added in description.


If you want 500ETN
Write this in replay:
:zap:Write country you are coming from.
:zap: Short introduction of yourself.
:zap: What is your story .


Hola I’m Ignasio. I hail from the Oaxaca Parish convent of Guadalupe.
My favorite color is light tan, my favorite animal is puppies, and I love serving the lord. Ja Ja



happy saint Nicolas day i wish you everything best <3
please see my history here: Life is so hard 😓


Trust me, i would have been in brazil now…
Nobody steal viking gold… sry for your loss man​:unamused::sleepy:


ehh ty for your word dear


I am from Iran,
Short introduction of yourself: I really hate money and for many years I have been on the path of self realization, but unfortunately the human made money has become a huge obstacle for me and my family, lack of money and lifestyle based on merely money making has destroyed humanity in my society.

What is your story : A freelance and tenant person with a monthly income of less than 30$(it is real,no matter believe it or not) who struggles with inflated prices,the prices are so unreasonably high that it is one week I am waiting for the price of eggplant and carrots to decrease then buy some!
Happy St. Nicholas day in advance. I Really like real saints and real sufis.



Moneys is needed, as we cannot run around trading chickens, pelt and everything backn forward, (oh, those chickens)
But who is the power behind the trading value, is more important.
As for yours you need supply/demand balance, crypto can change balance because the value is the same nomatter where you sit.
Best wishes from the J… :blush:


How many chickens :rooster: for ETN? :joy::joy:


hi all im patrick from canada,
im unemployed right now but waitin an answer from my dream job…will be fix 2 week.

i discover crypto around 2014 and now it become more than a passion,hope someday i could live of it.

thank to all etn community and good luck everybody


I only do the he version of the chicken, u know, the proud c… that stands tall in the morning. Cookelicoouu :thinking:


My name is Ahmed Emmanuel from Nigeria. I studied Electrical engineering and job hunting at the moment.

I joined electroneum at ICO, but could not afford much. Btc made me pay more interest towards crypto, and electroneum finally won my heart after going through its white paper. I am a serious lover of Etn, I have brought a lot of people to it to. I believe etn would take us places with this dedication of the team and that of its members. Thank you