Other life on Earth


Our government certainly knows a lot here in the U.S. that’s for sure and for a very long time at that. In regards to ET’s, I know why they’d never outright say too much because people would literally have a mental break down. The day intelligent life in the universe is a known fact I mean a public known irrefutable fact like the grass is green or the sky is blue etc, humanity changes forever in a very profound way.

People can barely get along with one another still which is sad to see. Not nearly enough are stable enough to handle news of that nature. A whole lot of changing is necessary and we need to become a much more peaceful species. Although that’s one thing I love about science and our technological evolution, I see things going from being negative to actually positive. I think we have a bright future ahead despite some of the madness going on currently.


Yeah its more like splinter organisations hiding within the government. The idea that congress knows anything is not really true although certain individuals would know. There has been a secret space program running started by the Germans around WW2 time frame and the USA joined it back in the 50s I believe. They have advanced ET tech and have direct contact with ET’s. There are already people on Mars in underground bases and humans have already moved outside of this star system. The rabbit hole goes so deep. There is so much people will be blown away when they find out about it. This solar system is largely inhabited by a bunch of species and even on earth as with the very first article I posted there are many species on living here in side the earth. Some of them are highly advanced with technology and some have very strong psychic abilities. There was a time when they had contact with us but many things have changed and the cycles are now resetting so that contact is coming again in the near future. The lie has become so big they don’t know how to disclose it so that is the big problem really and we are being drip fed disclosure now but its going to take time. People are not going to like finding out they have been lied to and that things like free energy are already here and being suppressed. The financial systems have to collapse and the lies need to be exposed for humanity to move on into a new paradigm.


You have been watching Clif High on you tube.!
He has some very interesting theories…


No, my information comes direct from ET’s. I haven’t seen his material, but there are many people who know of course.


This is the kind of stuff that will be coming out too along with Oklahoma city bombing and others. There has been so much stuff and it goes so deep. People will be shocked.


Uhhhh, doesn’t this year mark the 18th anniversary of 9/11??

Unfortunately my birthday falls on that day so I’m always reminded of it lol.


haha I know someone who has that birthday too - it’s funny in a way. Just remember the emotions are all based on the conditioning from media and other sources. Not that it’s not sad people died, but think about how many hundreds of thousands that died in the middle east in the wars that followed. It’s more important to expose the truth to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Lets see if the grand jury hearings take place and see where that goes…


911 was more than real, I had friends who saw the planes hit no conspiracy there. Just a horrible tragedy, it wasn’t a controlled demo. While some things are of course hidden from the public I also think people tend to make conspiracies out of things that aren’t. Honestly I’d say the vast majority of conspiracy theories are bs with a few real ones, such as the ET phenomena which of course has mountains of evidence. Aside from that most can easily be debunked.

As I said I do believe some exist, however like anything if people want to push them, they need hard evidence to substantiate claims. Far as studies go, even they can be done poorly. That’s why peer reviewed science is best so results can be duplicated.

I want to add, my responses aren’t really to be dismissive, but many and I do mean many conspiracies are still nonsense with 0 credible evidence to back them up. You’ve seen where I stand on a lot but when I see one I know is bogus, admittedly it’s hard for me not to respond.


Yes they do need evidence. They seem to have some momentum to have an investigation here. There are many aspects to 911 such as how did building 7 fall down and if you look at the pentagon there is no evidence it was hit by a plane. Did aircraft hit the tower - maybe. Some people have talked about holographic technology being used on drones to give the illusion of a plane hitting. when I see the videos of the planes hitting it looks fake. The planes fly into the building and disappear into thin air like there is no debris that falls back they fly in and there is a huge explosion and there is no trace of any plane debris falling down. I never believed the planes were real. Looks like cgi more than anything in the videos but I have seen many wide angle videos of what look like craft so that is important. If they used holographic tech that could explain that too. . If there is an investigation by a grand jury they will need to have some compelling evidence to get them to do that. I guess we will wait and see. There is certainly a lot more to this than meets the eye otherwise no one would have questioned it. Just because someone produces a video to debunk the conspiracy aspect it doesn’t make it true either. Its like people see one fake ufo video and then claim they are all fake. Given the fact that so many things don’t add up people think there is something going on.


No maybes and no holograms people who say holograms I hate to say are just loopy. Also I have information they do not, the terrorist came through Maine, my state. Mohammad Atta who got served by a friend of mine getting food and he over heard them saying some odd things which of course at the time he didn’t think much of since it was prior to the attack. So I hate to say it but all those theories are 100% bunk with no doubt.

In a surveillance tape from Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers Mohamed Atta , right, and Abdulaziz Alomari pass through airport security in Portland, Maine .


Where I used to live that was about an hour from me now only 30 minutes away. Once my friend saw the news he was like holy, that’s the guy I served.


I fully support a full investigation, it’s always important to verify and prove as much as possible. I agree with you there, also I will agree new evidence can always come after the fact. I just happen to have a bit of a unique position with my above mention.

Also I hope you don’t take offense or think I am trying to be rude, not at all. Just presenting what I know is all from my perspective based on all I’ve read listening to experts. By no means am I personally qualified to say, however I can 100% verify real planes that I know as well as what I said above are fact.

All this aside, we should share some more on the UFO front. Honestly imo a much more interesting topic.


Yeah I am not overly concerned about 911. If they have enough to get a grand jury to hear it I would be interested to see where it goes. I have no emotion about it. Like most of the events that we have been lied to about though we will never really know what happened . If it were that easy for us to figure it out they wouldn’t be very smart haha. The holographic tech does exist though. The secret space program is very advanced. They have had alien tech for a long time. Many of the UFO sightings have been our SSP craft. This is more interesting as those hidden technologies can really help us if they get into the mainstream. I know through my own contacts what will happen though. People always believe what they want though and when I talk about the contacts I have had I just shrug now if people don’t believe me. It’s not up to me to persuade people anyway. When it comes to the truth about the universe and our reality it’s a very personal journey. We are not really wanting to spoon feed information the way the main stream media does. People need to open up and investigate and take personal responsibility for what they discover. As people open up they have more experiences. This is the way the universe works. The scientific method is a failure as earth science is too primitive to begin with. Also, everyone has their own level of what they call evidence so you will never convince them if they already believe something. Belief in itself is actually a fallacy as it prevents you from being fluid in the moment and once you believe something you can never convince someone to change as the ego takes over. The universe is spiritual in nature and its only through that method that people will understand. Everyone is at different levels so we all get there in our own time. I just tell people, if you are interested look into it, if not, don’t. There is no judgement. It’s a personal journey.


Well we do actually have advanced holographic tech you are right there. I can’t say if you’re truly what you claim or not, of course I just know you here. I’m not here to say if you can be believed or not with some of what you’ve said about yourself. However, knowing what I know I’ve seen things and researched for countless years so who am I to say it’s not possible right?

I’m sure you expect most people to not believe anyway, most people would find it unfathomable. I don’t know and one way to talk to someone who’s really skeptic is say hey, life here part of our building blocks actually came long ago from meteors coming from far away. Technically, that’d make us all ET’s in a way if you think about it. I’ve always entertained the idea we’re possibly an experiment from a far more advanced race. I wouldn’t even be surprised at all if that was the case.

I’m glad you didn’t take my responses negatively, since I’m not like that. I will speak my mind for sure though. I try to keep an open mind always regardless if I believe someone or not. Once you’ve seen and experienced certain things you have to think that way. But as you’ll know civilization is programmed to think contrary to that thus keeping them stuck in a very narrow form of thinking. Well I wouldn’t call the scientific method a failure as it’s continuously evolving to correct itself. What was false one day could be fact the next as new evidence comes to light.

We are indeed primitive and I know you touched on CGI but for the footage that isn’t which honestly I feel a significant portion is authentic. The technology to do what they do is so far advanced we’re not even close to understanding it’s meaning. Plus I’ve seen some myself which there was no way it was created by humans.

You made another good point most of the time once someone believes something wholeheartedly, they can’t change that belief regardless of new evidence even. I don’t however have this issue, I always can change based on new findings if I feel they’re genuine and valid.

One final note, all beings are fallible myself included, I just do my best to get things right. If I am wrong on some things that’s alright life is forever learning, growing and seeking wisdom.


I really appreciate this engagement actually. We are all evolving and its happening more quickly now too for those who are awakening.

I do my best to follow my experiences. I don’t know everything but I have been told certain things about what is going on with Earth. Lots of people are now aware of it too but its usually through the spiritual types rather than the scientific types who are just too far off with what they know. If you met me 6 years ago before I woke up you wouldn’t think I was the same person because I wasn’t. Someone turned me on so to speak and activated my dormant DNA. I was getting all kinds of cool downloads. I could see all these complex geometric shapes coming down and could feel my body change as a result of it. It also changed my brain and activated a lot of psychic abilities.

In response to your comment I can tell you that humans are a created species consisting of 22 species of ET’s genome combined with some terrestrial dna hence all the talk about the missing link. Of course DNA is multidimensional so its only being scratched at the surface of earth science. Your feelings about us being an experiment are pretty close to reality.

Meditation is key. Unlock the Pineal gland - there is tons of info online about that. Engage the universe at a consciousness level and more will come to you. I would say you are very close to some big things happening to you. Your open ness gives it away.


Do you mean 3rd eye by dormant DNA?
I think our 3rd eye and astral body are the only ways that can reveal to us the very real secret of life and creation and…


The third eye is the Pineal gland. If you search on line you can find out a lot of information about that. Basically its the doorway to connect to the universal consciousness. This is the psychic centre. Most people have calcification on the pineal that prevents them from advancing spiritually. Its caused by exposure to all the negative aspects of this reality. You will see when you research it how that happens. There are ways to unlock the Pineal and then through meditation you can start to connect. Some people use some psychedelic drugs to do it too which does work but I don’t recommend it but if you do that only do it once to unlock then you can do it on your own through meditation.

The idea of the dormant DNA is that humans have been meddled with by other beings playing god in the distant past. We used to live longer and have much stronger psychic abilities. DNA can be repaired by various means. Ormus can do it, but mostly the activation comes with spiritual advancement. The idea of living in a heart centred way can also reactivate the dna. There is a ton of stuff online about this also.

The astral body can allow you to travel into other realities which is pretty cool but requires advanced psychic abilities so we need to work on the pineal gland first. I know of people who can do this at will. It is the way to by pass the physical limitations of this reality. We live in an illusion here but its about mastery of the physical realms why we come here. The astral travel is a cool diversion to experience more of who we really are.


This guy is amazing. He has some free music that can be used with visualizations and meditation. There is one to unlock the Pineal gland . Has has contact with a species called The Hathors. They are quite well known in ancient cultures too and used to appear to the spiritual teachers to guide them.



If i get rich , i will spend all my life travelling and pracicing spirituality until i find my true self, India,Tibet, … mystic masters are my dreams.
I am tired of material life and material desires.


Yeah the money will be good to help with travel but you can do a lot on your own at home with no money at all. Remember every spiritual teacher will tell you to look inside for all the answers. It’s never external, always internal. Its like saying where can I find peace and love and actually the answer is inside you to just be peace and love. It’s not like you find peace hiding behind a tree or something. You never lost it, you just have to remember how to be in that state. Its the external dramas that take us away from looking inside so once you let go of the distractions you then become peaceful. Let go of the material world and the connections that limit you.That includes family and other you know. Some people drag you down and staying connected through a sense of obligation does not serve you. Learn to let it all go. You are only responsible for your self.

I found this website talking about the pineal activation but there are many you can find

Just let your intuition guide you - it will always be right. If you are fighting with something figure out why and let it go. Keep the flow of life…When you feel resistance its a message to figure out why its there.


I was meditating before I read this.
But this journey is full of fake gurus, fake gods,fake knowledge
So it is not a good idea to go alone without true masters help