Other life on Earth


This is a fascinating article from Iceland about the so called little people. Legends exist in every ancient culture about other beings who are multi dimensional and live within our planet. Some have advanced technology and some are advanced psychically. These accounts should not be dismissed. I have had personal encounters with advanced species. This is interesting in that its a mainstream read and certainly the people of iceland believe these stories.


I too have had experience with multi dimensional beings. They were very resilient. I believe the legends called them Hodlers. Lol


Ayee the " Iele "…ask any Romanian.


yeah very interesting right. It’s kept out of the mainstream. As soon as people understand the true nature of the universe and what is actually here on earth and even in our own star system, let alone our galaxy, everything will change. It’s coming soon but more people have to wake up. I know quite a few people already interacting with ET’s now. It’s really very interesting what is out there.



I enjoy the folklore of modern and ancient cultures alike.
Im extremely lateral when it comes to science.
Especially astrology and physics.
To doubt the existence of other"life"would be poitless in this day and age.
I mean if were finding bacteria alive on meteorites that crash through our atmosphere. ?..your turn!,!


Well I wouldn’t take much notice of earth based science and the so called scientific method. It’s a belief system that limits people. The universe is much more complicated than that. A universal connected consciousness. A more metaphysical way of looking at things is required. I like Nassim Haramein. He is a genius and understands how it all works. Interestingly he has claimed to have had direct contact with ET’s as well. There has been a secret space program on earth for decades anyway and direct contact. There is a ton of information from insiders about it. We are like cattle to the people running things but exposure is about to happen now.It’s getting very interesting.


Not forgetting the x37b that’s been overseeing this planet for quite some years now…

Great read thanks for posting


You get into Clif High at all?
Hes a bit of a character on the subject.
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I believe there are without a doubt and experienced a share of unexplained phenomena in my life. I’m a big proponent of science, but science is always evolving as we learn more and we have a very long ways to go before we truly understand the universe and how it works.

Far as ET’s i’ve seen such a mountain of evidence again, zero doubt at all. Of course some of the footage is CGI and hoaxes however, there are 10s of thousands of legitimate accounts as well. Look at the footage direct from the military that’s been released, that’s genuine. Another fascinating case is flight 1628 which again is from seasoned pilots.

News crews have caught them plenty of times, no doctored footage. Also look into a lot of the ISS footage and you’ll see plenty of things that look to be intelligently controlled. To those whom think it’s all bs, well mathematically that isn’t possible. There’s no way 100% of all footage is fake, mind you I don’t blindly believe in things nor am I a conspiracy theorist. There needs to be very real viable evidence for me to buy into anything.

Department of Defence (DOD) program to study the UFO phenomena has been revealed. Located within the massive Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), began in 2007, and was dissolved in 2012.

I could go on and on honestly, back in the 90s before I had a camera my family ran a motel here in Maine. One day at the pool in the middle of summer there was a cigar shaped craft probably a few thousand feet above us, clear as day. Everyone was staring at it, stood still for at least an hour then took off.

Just do some investigating, you’ll see plenty of legit findings if you seek it. It’s always good to keep an open objective mind. Being skeptical is healthy but only to a point when vast evidence is available it shouldn’t be ignored.

Btw, don’t mind my typing today being all over the place, very little sleep for 2 days and running on fumes. :grin::exploding_head:


Thats a superbly balanced well thought and very objective view.
Its a “hit and miss” affair with evidence for the most part when it comes to the subject.
I keep a very open mind.
Lets say in all my years in the bush and and at sea, in clear skies and an unobscured view I have seen certain things that cant be explained to the extent of our current and past technologies.
A most refreshing viewpoint @J5Alive !!


Amazing to see these responses. Tons of people know there is more going on than we are being told about. From what I hear on dark net sites there is more disclosure coming. I am really looking forward to the next couple of years as this comes out into the open. Life will change with new technolgies once the veils are lifted. ETN is a big part of this shifting paradigm and we can all see why. So many progressive thinkers here. It’s a pleasure to be in such good company.


This is something that I wrote a dozen hours ago.
I wasnt going to post it as , well, you know…
Theres always someone that wants to be a critic.
So a lot just goes untold.


Amazing. It sounds like the encounter the USA pilots had that was in the mainstream. They tracked a craft and it just took off. No way any earthly craft could do that. I was amazed that footage and encounter actually made it to the mainstream news.

When I was at Uluru in Australia I was star gazing and saw a tunnel of light appear out of nowhere and a disk shaped object flew into it then both the tunnel and craft disappeared. It seemed I had just seen a wormhole open and close and a craft use it. I have heard people say that location is a vital energetic planetary location.

I have friends who have had close encounters with craft sitting over their houses and stuff. In Sydney I have seen a classic cigar shaped craft over the harbor and another time a triangular craft flew over me at very low altitude. It was a very close encounter. In my research it seems that people who are prone to these close encounters have connections to the species involved. The rabbit hole gets very deep as you go down further.


Thank you for the kind words @Mulder btw love the username! I absolutely love the X Files, the not the latter part nearly as much as when it was David Duchovny though, Robert Patrick didn’t fill his shoes properly. He’s an alright actor of course but David just made that role. The first 5 or so years was fantastic, I was a dedicated watcher.

Oh indeed, I’ve got more to share if you all like, I’ve been following this phenomena since I was a kid and I’m 38 now. A lot is in my head but I’ll post as many of the cases I personally felt had some of the most credibility or potential.

I always want to say for those into space and who follow the industry you’ll know how vast space really is. So insanely massive that the human mind can barely fathom it’s size. We’re less then a spec of a spec of a spec of dust and honestly even less than that. Plus, with quantum physics starting to produce theories of the multi verse of which could be potentially unlimited it get’s really wild.

Imagine that? Just ponder the possibilities of that especially if it truly becomes mainstream knowledge and becomes verified by a pile of peer reviewed studies. Game changing for human kind, we haven’t seen a thing yet, interesting times ahead.


When i was a kid i always saw little humans in my dream And i flew in dream.
And now i am interested in astral body and sending it out of body, but i can not, i have tried all methods


Those flying dreams are awesome. I have had them too. It feels like past life experiences to me. Keep working on the astral travel. I have had a few astral experiences but haven’t been able to do it at will. They seemed really random but incredible all the same. Meditation seems to be the key to unlock those types of abilities. Thanks for sharing!


Awesome on the X-Files. The first seasons were the best for sure. Such a different time back then. It’s interesting how people are drawn to those shows that are close to the actual experiences they have. I love sci fy stuff. I heard a guy talking about the black oil saying that is based on AI technology. So it seems they used real things in the shows and we just think it’s a cool story.


It’s possible @Kurd.girl, we are barely just beginning to grasp the capabilities of the human mind and consciousness. Another interesting side to this is when people have a near death experience. Ton’s of people in the ER have reported seeing their own bodies on the operating room tables prior to waking back up. Physicians have been hearing cases of this pretty much as long as they’ve existed.

@Mulder, I agree there too people have really learned a lot from proper meditation. When you speak to people whom really make it a regular part of their lives they have some very interesting perspectives. I really need to get back into it actually, it really helps calm the mind too. For now I am just really into fitness which still of course has a plethora of positive benefits which are both mental and physical.


Get a book on Dream Translation.
Write down your dreams in a diary.
Develop your dreams with breathing and meditation.
It takes much practice to achieve results.


This is lucid dreaming,
I have become lucid 3 or 4 times so far, as i closed my eyes in those dream my physical eyes would open and i woke up.
There is a great book on amazon i hope i could take it with etn soon, i can not buy it with other methods