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Yes the idea of gurus etc is flawed. Its a personal journey and you have to follow it intuitively. Its ok to listen to many people but there is no need to follow anything. This is the flaw in religions. Its all about following but the idea of spirituality is not to follow anything but to “BE” BE love Be peace etc. There doesn’t need to be a book to read or a temple to go to etc. You are the universe and just need to be yourself.

The challenge in a limited physical reality in which we live is to be able to free yourself of the distractions that prevent you from BEING.


I liked eckenkar but i was told that it is misleading path to thyself.


I am not familiar with it. Don’t follow anything. Just figure out the Pineal and meditation stuff. Trim down your life to reduce the stress and worries etc After a while you will feel more relaxed and peaceful as you simplify things, not get involved in the news or things that don’t really affect your life. Reduce the petty dramas. I have been doing this for 6 years and it takes time but it works. I don’t follow anyone but I find spiritual information from time to time when i need it. Things start to flow after a while. As you open up you will have contacts through the dream state and through meditation. I had contact with one ET who showed me what he looked like and showed me his home planet where he lived all through telepathic connections. I have been able to remote view whales and dolphins and once remote viewed onto a ship and watched 4 aliens working in a command centre. I have had tons of past life dreams in many different planets. I have memories of living as an orb of energy flying through vortexes and space, I have seen a vision of every single incarnation - all the faces of all the beings I have incarnated as, the list goes on and on. I have also had visions of the coming shift on this planet into a higher dimension. There are a lot of poeple who are connecting now, more and more are awakening.


I’m glad you appreciate it, I do too actually. Btw, you know one case you reminded me of with someone experiencing downloads is the Rendlesham forest case with one of the soldiers touching a craft claiming to experience the very same thing. A well known case where several soldiers all saw the craft with the one having direct physical contact.

Pardon the horrible 360p resolution, I’m sure there are some HD ones on Youtube somewhere too but it’s an interesting case.


That’s quite famous that encounter. There have been some amazing encounters really. I can’t wait for more of it to come out. I know it will happen. I am surprised this one isn’t referenced more often but time has a way of making people forget. There was a famous UFO encounter where a bunch of ships flew over Washington DC in the 50s I think it was. It was witnessed by hundreds of people. A lot of people have said those craft were actually made by the Germans and as a result of that encounter the USA was forced to join with them and that was the beginning of the secret space program. There are many interesting stories about the Germans that they retreated to bases in Antarctica and were never fully defeated. They also claim to have encountered an inner earth species where one of their submarines found its way into inner earth and they crew never wanted to leave because it was so amazing. I have seen some material that the Germans had crashed UFO 's and technology that was given to them which is why they were so far ahead of the rest of the world at that time. There is some fascinating stuff out there. It’s good to read it all. It gives an interesting picture of how all of this developed. The admiral bird encounter with inner earth is a fascinating read too. He put it all in his personal diary which was published after he died and he was highly decorated and never considered crazy. They had contact with inner earth for sure. The truth is truly stranger than fiction. I have had telepathic contact with two species inside the planet. Neither of them was very positive. They don’t like having people know they exist although contact with them will happen again soon. It’s something that we used to have back in ancient times but since humanity regressed somewhat they stopped talking to us.


That it is, there’s a treasure trove of really good ones that just seem to get pushed to the side. I suppose it’s just too much for most to find possible for now, although disclosure has begun with my first response and in a way a lot prior to that in bite sized pieces.

Can’t find all the footage I found long ago, but a mass sighting over Mexico City where there were literally thousands of eye witnesses from police, military, civilian a little bit of everyone. You got the O’Hare UFO in I think they said 2006.

Of course there are so many more it’s not funny. Btw this channel I posted is quite good, Tyler the owner of the channel let’s people decide for themselves and get’s a ton of footage sent into him from all around the world. I don’t always agree with him but take a look either way.


yeah I watch secure team as well - he is good value. When you see something like the Mexico city stuff you think how can people not think this stuff is real. The reason is the conditioning mostly from the mainstream media that has people from birth programmed. I think humanity is in many ways a huge cult in the way the masses view this kind of stuff. From the time we are kids we are put through a system that most get sucked into and that becomes their reality. The deprogramming is very difficult and takes time because the people don’t believe there is anything wrong with them. I tell people turn off the tv and stop reading the news but few can do it. We have to put out information and talk about our experiences openly so others follow. Its not up to us to convince them but when people see others talking about it openly and they hear it enough they start to pay more attention to it.


Awesome I think he is actually quite objective too which I find an important thing. I agree but dang, even with conditioning I mean some sightings are so incredible and seen by literally thousands of people I just find it hard people don’t know it’s a very real phenomena. Also, with the government itself disclosing 100% authentic footage on top of all that.

That’s true people are in many cases so brainwashed they just won’t see anything outside of their own little point of view. That said the day WILL come where it’s no longer remotely possible to ignore, I sincerely hope I live to see it and I’m 100% positive I will. Can’t wait to see what the future brings personally I can’t speak for everyone but I embrace it.


Yeah that day is coming very soon. I had a chat with an old star seed at a coffee shop in Sydney once. He was 86 years old and told me when he was living in Spain a ship was hovering over his house. He ran next door to get his neighbor and the guy came out looked at the ship and just went back inside his house as if nothing was there. In his mind I doubt he could comprehend it and his brain just shut it out. This same guy has memories of being a viking and all kinds of other cool experiences. He knew he was an ET who incarnated here. It was so awesome to talk to him. He said he never told anyone about his experiences and only did because I told him what happened to me. People live in so much fear. Fear of rejection, not fitting in etc. Those days are coming to an end though. As more people talk others will have to start to look as you said. Everything in the universe is connected at a fundamental level and the one thing that is holding humanity back is the illusion of separation. Once people realize the need to work together and connect at a psychic level we will go up to the next level. Higher physical beings have all the psychic skills like telepathy teleportation etc. We had it back in the Atlantean times and we will have it again in the future. We are coming into a new cycle now.
A good way to look at it is when ever you look at someone think of them as a reflection of you rather than someone separate. Its just a method to understand everyone is going through the same experience but they are at different levels. In the end you end up as a collective consciousness, a hive mind as such. I have actually shared consciousness with someone very advanced so I know how that feels. its pretty incredible. No secrets, no judgement…


(@J5Alive also )Came across this highly amusing photo.


Lol that’s a crazy looking photo. Where you got it from did it say the origin?

I’m some classic Halloween pics like that too from long ago.


Twitter feed!


Ahhh I see, so it’s an overall unknown if you google creepy vintage Halloween costumes though you’ll see some things much like this. It’s awesome though, they really do give a creepy vibe lol.

This one on some things i found said early 1900s. Found this link too it’s interesting! Btw I LOVE Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday :grin:


I’d love to see public disclosure one day, if anything I hope it’d not cause panic and instead unify all people. Although, that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, also we shouldn’t an incident of that magnitude to bring people together more.

Lot’s of people don’t mention experiences they have, you know with UFOs a big one is pilots, many of them see a lot of things but they won’t say anything due to fear of losing their jobs. That’s why I they also I think can be more credible in some ways they aren’t seeking fame, they’re literally afraid to lose their source of income.

Far as the psychic side well I know that phenomena DOES exist for sure but I’d never want anyone to just read my thoughts at random. I think if humans had the ability to say, turn it on and off when we want would be better. If everyone read every thought knew everything all the time it’s remove individuality in many ways that I’d not be into. I’ve read how it’s about evolution but and I don’t fully agree with it. I think we should always have the ability to maintain our own thoughts and divulge what we choose as independent beings.

I will say if there was a " Hive Mind " scenario in regards to think tanks & problem solving etc and we could then activate it when we choose it’d be far better.

Btw sorry for not responding a while, I do get side tracked sometimes.


Yeah one of the things I was told by the ET’s is they won’t come en masse because it would still create more fear. People need to learn more before that kind of contact happens. I have also been told the first contact will be with a hybrid species call the Yai Yel . Not sure of the exact spelling. They have been using human DNA heavily to hybridize so they will look a lot like us and there is a sort of karmic association due to the fact that we have been supplying them with our DNA.

It’s true many people can’t talk about their experiences which sucks but that is going to change and there is much more disclosure coming in the next few years.

It sounds funny that people can read your thoughts right? I have experienced this from a few ET’s I have encountered. They didn’t ask either. They just did it to check me out. That was their security precaution. I saw my entire life flash by as they did it. Incredible actually. Once you get used to the fact that you have nothing to hide its not a big deal anyway. It’s just that most are still shy or ashamed or embarrassed by things they have done and don’t want anyone to know. Most physical species who can do this won’t just do it without asking anyway. There are rules. Its the same as switching physical bodies. It’s possible to exchange consciousness into another body but when you do it you have to be responsible for that body so no harm comes to it. Higher energy brings more empathic connections so you feel more as a collective but its still possible to maintain your own thoughts. Some advanced species become more like the hive mind idea. You need to be more evolved to get to that point and living in higher dimensions. As a species becomes very connected and the hive mind comes they are able to work together as a species to decide collectively how to evolve further.
Keep in mind that while we are here nothing is private anyway. We are constantly monitored and guided by higher beings who know everything about us, what we think, what we do etc. There is no judgement anyway so you get used to that. The beings helping went through the process themselves. It’s how things work. Always look at everything as just a reflection of the self. We are all the universe. More powerful than we think…


Try this on for size… this guy is an ET channeler and very famous in spiritual circles. He has supplied a ton of very compelling information. It took me a while to listen to him but a lot of what he was saying was aligned with what I knew too. Basically this guy is channeling a future version of himself who is part of a hybrid species called the Essessani. Its a very fascinating story the deeper you get into it. He has a ton of videos that redefine reality for most people who really have no idea about what the universe is.



Theres a story goes behind that…@Cosmicrypto


Wow that’s profound


Nassim Haremein has a movie called the connected universe. Its worth a look as he really brings the science to the subject to explain how it works. He has tons of material on utube too