Other life on Earth


Biblio is also amazing for books.
Great used books also new very cheap


I had a very strange dream the other week , so strange I had to get up and write it down…

12 pages later of description and mega detail…

I’m now turning it into either a book or screenplay… Not sure yet.


As for there is something going on , yeah there is and always will be . If we new the truth , there would be a lot of scared , very scared people .

Famous movie quote.

You want the truth , you can’t handle the truth…

I’d love to find out the real truth , just to see if I’m right on what I think I know …


That quote is A Few Good Men Right?

You’re right, if people knew what the real world was like they’d be terrified. There is A LOT
going on that cannot be explained at this time. We’re under an illusion of control thinking we’re
some alpha species and we’re not. We are but a tiny spec amongst the stars suspended in a sun beam! Last comment there from the wonderful Mr. Carl Sagan.


Yeah @J5Alive a few good men …

A lot of truth is hidden within fiction , this is why I believe we all get on in here , most of us have similar beliefs , or have seen something . I’ve seen loads of strange things … do I believe anything they tell us… no not at all… smoke and mirrors that’s what we get , misdirection look over here while we do this over here…

All good though … lol


You’re right and I’ll tell you once you actually see something that is totally abnormal is changes your
perspectives of the world indefinitely because you’ve learned all is not as it seems. It’s a very life altering
experience but I actually think a positive one.


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Yeah , put it this way . Once seen it cannot be unseen lol , that changed my path . I wouldn’t change a thing … @Pahini small world hahahhahaha


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Same here, I’m happy to know what I do. I got many more fascinating topics to post I think I shall begin today or tomorrow. I think next thread will be about reversing aging since I’ve been reading a lot about it. In fact it’s one of my primary goals in life now, to not die at all at least from biological aging.


Nothing really dies of course…it is possible to use meditation and energy type exercises along with good diet to extend your life a bit but death isn’t anything to worry about anyway. You end up back in the astral plane. We are all energy beings just having experiences in the physical realities as we learn mastery. As we learn physical mastery we live purely as energy and there are many levels to go through as we work out way back to source. Its interesting to learn about the different energetic densities and then the dimensions within each density. Everything is consciousness and energy.


People just need to understand how the dimensions and energy and consciousness works then there will be no fear of it. They are just conditioned to fear what is unknown. Once you know it then it changes how you look at reality and things get better actually.


I agree with nothing truly dies of course and diet helps a bit I mean far as health it has a big impact. You’re right about us being a form of energy, what we perceive as a physical world is just our brains interpretation too. We still have a lot to learn overall about the universe and how it works.

In regards to last post, my next thread is about reversing the aging process. Aging is simply an accumulation of damage which in time will be completely reversible with proper therapies. I won’t delve to much into here since its totally off topic but it’ll consist of things like gene therapy, removing senescent cells , gene editing ( Crispr, Nano Technology etc and so on. I’ll post a lot of info in that thread it’s really fascinating stuff.

I just have a massive amount I want to do and our lifespan is far too short for me, this technology in time could keep people alive indefinitely as it advances although that’ll be a while. Those who make it to 2030 will be quite happy and those whom make it to 2050 won’t need to worry about things like disease or aging.

If you’re wondering why I’d want to extend my life, honestly living is great. Plus I’d really like to live to traverse the stars and see all kinds of new planets, experience highly advanced virtual reality and just see where technology and civilization goes in general.


I see what you’re saying here too, but at least in my own personal perspective I’d just like to choose when I go or if I even want to go. I don’t think there is one set path for anyone, if someone is ok with moving on early they should be able to do so. Overall no one can truly say what happens when our physical self ceases, I do think you’re pretty close overall though based on all I’ve read.

My urge to keep on living isn’t as much fear based as just wanting to experience the future of humanity first hand as you’ll see from my previous post.

Again though this is just how I see things and want to handle it for myself. It’s really interesting to read different perspectives from others and getting new points of view is always a good thing.


Let me tell you what I have experienced. 6 years ago you could say I had what is called a spiritual awakening. This process involved some major changes to me such as receiving downloads in the form of geometric codes coming into my body that activated dormant DNA, I had direct contact with ET’s and I developed some abilities dealing with multidimensional energy. I have been able to have direct contact with the consciousness of dead people and have helped many cross over that had been stuck in between dimensions. I can feel their energy moving around me and in some cases I can talk to them directly. I know what happens when we die. We all have contracts we agree to before we incarnate but we are all blank slated when we come here otherwise we would not be able to have a pure experience. I know my origins are Pleiadien. There are many beings on Earth who come from higher dimensional expressions who came to experience the harshness of the earth reality. I also know that earth is on the verge of a shift (it is being called “the event”) You can do research about it. One of the things I have been doing here is transmuting energy. I have the ability to fully engage my chakra system/energy body to pull in any negative energy and transmute it back to a neutral state. Its part of the preparation for the shift but just a small part of what is going on. There is an alliance of advanced beings who are helping earth with this transformation. They include the Pleiadiens, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Venisuians and many others. Most people don’’ realize this planet ha been manipulated by dark beings mostly the dracos but some other of their allies. There is some pretty incredible stuff going on now and as you can see some of the people here have had experiences and are starting to see there is a lot more going on then the masses realise. Major disclosure is coming in a way that people will be able to handle it. The next 10 years are going to be spectacular.


Theres a bridge between the conscious/subconscious /super conscious mind
This is one Perspective as there are many.


Yeah those guys know what is going on just with less of the ET contact stuff