New Exchange Opportunity OKEx Exchange


Bisogna convalidare il voto andando nel canale twitter okex seguire,
Commentare scrivendo user Telegram e il nome della cripto per cui si vota.


So does your vote ACTUALLY count if you just hit the “Electroneum” button without joining the group? (still full)


need to fix new rules on Twitter .


@Hodloneum According to OKEx…yes, as long as you do the twitter tasks as well.


You dont have to join the Telegramm group - Just go in the group and scroll up and vote for it - you dont have to join it!! (:slight_smile:
Good Voteing <3


Don’t forget to write on OKex twitter post after voting


Follow their Twitter account. They are creating new rules for voting, as well as a new telegram group


Just voted on Telegram. You need to join in to vote. :heart_eyes:


Don’t understand, apparently we have to vote again… check on the Telegram poll…


Revolted very important:
Boys revolted even without joining the group after you go on Twitter follow okex and comment with your username of telegram and the token for which you voted …



I guess we do have to vote again and go on twitter to verify our votes but they will also count the first set of votes and i think filter out all the bots and double voters.:thinking:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Cast your vote at our Telegram group
  2. Please follow their twitter page
  3. Comment your telegram user name and the token you voted on their twitter

This would allow us to cross check and review the voting list.

*Please note that any participants who fail to follow the above instructions will be DISQUALIFIED.

We are also aware that a lot more users want to join the campaign but failed, since the telegram group is full. So, we are going to create another group for accommodate more participants. Please stay tuned for updates. And don’t worry, we will extend the deadline of this campaign to 23:59, 12th September 2018.

If you are joining another OKEx group please be able to speak the language of the group, do not join if you cannot speak the language.


To be honest the okex vote has been a bit of a disaster. Ive done it, but the results so far don’t make any sense. Clearly there are bots and people being paid to vote for other coins. They havent thought this through at all.



Yeah you are right i don’t like it either to much cheating and manipulation was in there sadly :neutral_face:


The OKEx telegram voted system is compex And make us tired!


what is the result ?


@7b534c9eeaee17ffedc8 I don’t think we won the voting there was to much manipulation of the voting system going on i didn’t really hear any news regarding to Okex anymore :thinking:


Every exchange and merchant we get integrated with is better to increase the liquidity and velocity of ETN but keep in mind Okex is guilty of wash trading in abusive amounts.

When we get listed on a wash trading/cheating/fake volume exchange it will be obvious as they will be on the bottom of the list of Electroneum trade volume for a long period of time like Coinbene. They will not wash trade ETN but will do so for the top 20 coins.

You can see liquid is a legit exchange as it has a reasonable trade volume for our coin when you factor in the withdrawal and security measures and regulations and the fact that it is a new exchange.

I don’t fault the team for trying to get on these exchanges in any way. We have to live with the reality we are faced with now. I just want to keep it real.


So are we still attempting to get on OKEx Exchange?


I’m going to install telegram now and vote