New Exchange Opportunity OKEx Exchange


New Exchange Opportunity.

As an additional note- we’ve had an overwhelming response so far, so much that OKEx’s telegram group have reached full capacity (meaning that their group will not be able to accept new members at this time)!

The voting has been now extended to the 12th of September to allow for overspill, once we have more information on their NEW voting group and when you can start voting again, we will inform you via all social channels.

OKEx Exchange (The 2nd biggest exchange in the world) is hosting a community coin vote, and we need our incredible community’s voting power!

(Deadline is on September 12th 2018 at 23:59pm)

We’re putting the power of change into your hands, to get ETN listed on a monster exchange. Voting is free and only takes a moment of your time, see below for more details.

  1. Visit the OKEx telegram chat:
  2. Click on the pinned message
  3. Scroll DOWN to the VERY bottom of the list, and Vote for Electroneum! (VERY IMPORTANT)
  4. Follow OKEx’s twitter account ( )
  5. Reply to the twitter post below with your TELEGRAM username and Electroneum ETN.

(Please note they have added the two twitter steps to help combat bots and cheating)

Unable to join OKEx telegram due to member cap


The Telegram group is full I’m unable to join and vote for ETN


@user25 They are updating to a new room you will be available to Vote again soon.


It seems OKEx are making arrangements to deal with the full channel and bots used by other coins.




Update 2:


NEW METHOD TO VOTE (From the OKEx Telegram group): :exclamation:

Here's how it works:

1. Cast your vote at our Telegram group
2. Please follow our twitter page ge
3. Comment your telegram user name and the token you voted here re

This would allow us to cross check and review the voting list.

*Please note that any participants who fail to follow the above instructions will be DISQUALIFIED.


Bots are probably going to be a big problem for us. A lot of rival coins use them. Also the channel is full, but as you said they are working on it. I will vote as soon as they will make some roo.


Sadly a large portion of the community is unable to participate because the telegram channel is full.
Maybe is time to let OKEx know?


I just tried again but you don’t need to join the group to vote just scroll down to Electroneum and hit the button not the one with the circles but further down


The first step in the instructions is to join the channel however.


Yes, I checked and this is true. You don’t need to be in the channel to vote. Just scroll and find the electroneum button to vote for etn!


So people might get stock on step 1 thinking that they can’t continue.


Ottimo, perché etn può benissimo vincere!


I was just able to join! Yaay :grin:


I voted earlier today. Have you?


vote we can do it
ps. there are bots votes but okex will delete them so we can big chance to win but dont be lazy!!!


Together we can make the difference!


They are aware of the bots.
Votes from bots will not be included in the final


Actually, you have to join before voting, or else your vote won’t count.


We can make ETN greater than BTC and others.All Mr Ells needs to do is to have ETN ambassadors all over the world ,especially in Africa


still waiting for the new channel to vote😊