New Exchange Opportunity OKEx Exchange


Together we will make the difference


I voted yesterday. We need help from other members also.


We are legion, we overflooded their channel, the mass adoption is already starting


Can’t access telegram okex… 500 internal errors


Getting error 500 when clicking the link. I guess I’ll try again later. If this is a big site, why are they having issues handling our traffic?


The link is not working!!!



Tony Anto:
At this time there will be no second channel only this channel. I will be changing the part about being in the group for now as it is no longer needed. Please feel free to vote. You no longer need to be in the group to vote


I just joined and voted , boom :boom: come on whoop whoop !!!


I’m not sure why the votes are not increasing. It’s stuck on 2600-something. Does anyone know why?


I have completed voting on


I have also voted few minutes ago, moderators have a lot of troubles detecting bots… New members are asked to click one button in between lines of chat, to confirm they are not bots, only then you will be accepted and will be able to wrote.


How to vote ETN im tryin but fail


I have voted for electroneum at OKek


No need to join just find the button and vote


Voted for electroneum and was able to join telegram channel.



Voted. Go support etn guys.


Absolutely i voted for ETN​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Voted, ETN forever! Go people, please vote


I have voted ETN on OKEx, User Telegram @arief2ne1 and Twitter user name @arief2ne1,