Loves Cats and Crypto
Accepts ETN at Fancy Fragrance in the UK… (Soon Online)
Fibromyalgia has changed my life if you have it send me a message we can talk about ETN and our problems. If you don’t feel free to message me. We can still talk.

Full of Ideas and potential apart from the days the fibro hold me back. Lol

Missed my chance on Bitcoin as I was stupid enough to sell 6 of them for £50 but now I am into Crypto full time and have a variety of Coins. Hoping one day to live happy with my choices. As I have made a few bad ones in my past.

Looking for somebody to help me install ETN into a Prestashop website.
My telegram is @rolingsta84

If you have not used a Referral code for your #Electroneum App please use my Code 8C25DC to Earn Extra #ETN

Feel Free to send me a donation this will help me succeed with trying to to run business with a disability. It will also go towards bringing my business online full time and also bring my other ideas to life.
Thanks etnkAqu2QsCCk29oa79xb9hFSTPfZkiQ2ZsXsMdjxYMw8NYqufECttdjWMuWeYEyrDNSEBBmks1y3PeAir2oiRyi52M6jXMe3g

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