Music club.. you know the drill


The most important song (cover,) to me.


One more for tonight else I’ll be here until I die.


Sweet dreams…oh, I have one more…


Here ya go @Plankton, first song of his I ever heard:

For anyone wondering, Adele covered them, not the other way around.

Edit- And the Jompson Bros:


Good night and Bob bless! :crazy_face:


Perfect song for the workplace lol

I loved their first album, but got bored with them as time went on.

There rise to stardom was pretty much an accident, worth researching sometime whoever is interested.


Yeah, that was one happy accident for them although I’m not much of a fan of the 3 dollar bill album. I’m going to get a scotch and spam this a bit more.


One of my favourites.


…and I’ll bow out.


PUNK ROCK 20 Char Thang


Ever see the movie SLC Punk @Tanwax ? Excellent soundtrack in it:


Edit: I just realized each video above will go through the entire soundtrack playlist. And I learned something today. :thinking:



How about some old skool hip hop?

Some 90s rap with a comedy twist:


On the subject of Timberlake, funny how back in the school days, him and all the other boy bands were the subject of so many jokes.

Years later, I appreciate how talented he actually is. One of my favorites:


I love the history of raps really well done and very funny

Love this



I missed that one, thanks for sharing it. Nice change of pace from my usual lunch time entertainment.

Winnepesauki makes me think of:


But I digress…


Not a big fan of rap I fail to see the art in it.


Nice I like it thanks for sharing


Rap Battle


Anyone watch the movie?