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Cool video!!! Like the muzacs!!


Alright @The-Magic-Man, now you’ve gone and done it…


(Was going to post Freddie Mercury vs Frank Sinatra, but thought it may be a little too inappropriate for this forum, Freddie rules!)


Lol :joy: more! Coolio!!


Not yet, it’s on my list to watch. Kind of like the big stack of books I have yet to read…

Heard it was very good.


I used to feel that way to, and made all kinds of jokes at it’s expense. (Always appreciated a good beat though.) Also used to mute the TV when the “jams” would come on between rock videos on MTV. (Some might read this and think, MTV played videos, what?! :exploding_head: :rofl:)

I think some of it was that I used to group all of it together as the same thing, which is so far from the truth, like any genre. Can’t call of metal or country rock the same thing either.

It changed one day when a buddy of mine, Chavas, broke it down for me. When hip hop started, people were doing what they could with what they had. Not all, but many were poor and couldn’t afford instruments. 99.9% of people are born with a mouth, so that’s where it started. Lyrics with melody. Some rappers are know for using iambic pentameter for their flows, yup Shakesperean style. Then there’s beat boxing: beats, sound effects and “instruments” all done with one mouth. Most people had record players and classic albums, the player could play beats to be sampled and make scratching sounds to a rhythm. A group of guys could get together with a turntable, another beat boxing, and another spitting lyrics. (Sometimes a drum set and bass guitar used instead.)

Don’t like that beats were sampled from classic songs? I used to think of it more like theft, not true. (most of the time, Ice Ice you know the rest aside) Another way to look at it though is paying homage to them. A lot of these guys and gals grew up with these tunes and had a lot of respect for them. Like the Isley Brothers, James Brown, Ann Peebles, so on.

Lastly, content. Not everything is about money and drugs or whatever. Although that did happen because, well, it was profitable. Hip hop started out being more about every day life, the good and bad times. Certain parts of that are just more profitable for the big record labels, and they exploit it.

I look at true, honest hip hop as more of a form of poetry, set to a beat.It certainly can be and has been.

Making due with what you have:
Early blues artists did the same thing. My understanding is that Buddy Guy built his first guitar out of a screen door. That’s some ingenuity. Many of the sound effects we use on guitars today with a fancy pedal were made from scratch by people like Jimi Hendrix.

This isn’t directed squarely at you, I promise. No hard feelings or ill will here, bud. This is more of history lesson for anyone who will read it. I have no intention of changing your mind, only presenting some information to challenge our perception of things. I do that a lot, and with many subjects. I just felt the same way for a long time and looking back, I feel like I was missing out.

“And if you don’t know, now ya know.”


The Beastie Boys. They defy a genre, from Jazz to Punk to Straight Rap. To listen to their catalogue is just a trip. They were pioneers. No Beastie Boys…no Public Enemy. I think they were certainly one of the first acts signed to Def Jam under Rick Rubin’s guidance. I respect that man so much. Anyway I’m not trying to argue about music just spread the enjoyment. Talking of which…how about this…


If you don’t like the song…at least love the video!


One of the best albums ever


Yep, often overlooked. After all of the hype of License to ill they realised that they’d been manipulated into a space they shouldn’t have been in. Very very cool. I do miss them.


The really cane into their own in Paul’s Boutique!! Awesomeness was had!


…and then came their own record label. That’s when the real brilliance came through. Anyway. NEXXXXXT!


What about the whole Judgement Night album? Terrible film but an amazing precursor to NU Metal.


Cooking and drinking, this is my tune of the minute:


Throwback Thursday!


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Another old one!!


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Yeah but sabotage is a good one @wTz1 did 7 up I think…


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