Music club.. you know the drill


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ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club
The race to 100etn payout challenge
Car talk / show and tell club. :)
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ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

I’ll kick us off, this first track from the separatios ep, just a random start. Makes me think of MWC. :slightly_smiling_face:


And this of course… :smile:


One of my all time favourites


I’m listening now, beautiful. Not heard it before. Basically if it strikes a chord with you, (no pun bla bla) then there is no right or wrong, that’s what I love about music. Most of the time it’s a purely personal thing, even in crowds. :slight_smile: :heart:


Just posted this in FOMO moonwalk. I’ll add it here for some variety.

Not my all time favorite, but I honestly couldn’t pick one anyway. Got a wide range, all depends on what I’m in the mood for. Really can’t listen to the same thing all the time either. Part of why I won’t listen to terrestrial radio anymore. Same hit songs every half hour, regardless of genre.


Nice! Song and video are so early 90s, love it!


This album is now in my Amazon list. :+1:

Thanks @Plankton!


Im of course into heavy. No suprises there.
Favourite is Iron Maiden. But as ETN fomo i choose this favourite of course. That fits!


I listen more to country these days…but my overall favorite band of all time is Metallica. I love almost all of there music, but if I had to pick a single song…there is only One.


My favorite music Sabaton and Iron Maiden, so i post a video of Sabaton


Yea I love that album, I always thought it was 93. But the video says 92. People don’t realise that they started in late 70’s.






The whole album is amazing , listened to it hundreds of times since i was a young kid.


Alan parsons project eye in the sky…

Just amazing

Some camel stuff on breathless album…

I love all types of music . Sometimes chill music is the best…


Always enjoy Alan Parsons Project.


Ive found chris stapleton just amazing fire away , parachute what are you listening to just superb and i found that through justin Timberlake …of all people lol


The start of eye in the sky is so cool

If your ever feeling down , sit in a comfy chair lights off and just listen…