Music club.. you know the drill


So good . :slight_smile:


Can’t use those links? :frowning:
I got SoundCloud, but not spotything.


ill use YouTube then I understand.


I used to love it, haven’t used it for maybe 10years. Oh well…


Misunderstanding :grin:


:slight_smile: I really don’t think Jarvis is expecting any more profit from an ep they put out in early 90’s, I do like SoundCloud tho. And anything on YouTube is free game, fair play. :slight_smile: It’s the way that it is, just enjoy it here. :slight_smile:


Yea you damn Viking. It was expected. :slight_smile: :heart:


This is going to be a hard thread to keep up with, a lot of good stuff being posted here.

Here goes:
@JonneHex and @B.F.A , of course Maiden! Just screams flying around in a car in high school to me. Saboton is pretty sweet too, found them on Pandora.

Naturally, Metallica was also played in those cars @Cryptoman976! And for many years after. You ever see the movie or read the book One was based on?

@Nicolas, it’s refreshing to see a real artistic effort going into music videos again. One of the things I miss about the 90s. Jewel cases and liner notes too. So much talent and thought used to go into them.

@plankton, if you like Chris Stapleton, have you heard The Steeldrivers and the Jompson Bros? His previous bands, most people don’t know about. First time I heard him sing, my mouth just dropped open.

@The-Magic-Man, keep on bringing the tunes, you’re always posting good ones.

Ok, now my brain hurts @wTz1 :rofl:


So many songs, I love all of the above. I’ll share a few favourite of mine at some point. I have eclectic taste.


Hey @Cryptoman976, here’s a different take on a Metallica classic:

Jaimie Dupuis with his Harp guitar, love it.

Same song but my all time favorite Metallica cover, even before I liked bluegrass.



Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies


This to girls are amazing with the harp, i must recommend their youtube videos


No I have not! I did not know there was a story behind it really…I have just jammed to it for decades, lol


Bit of country for ya Chris.


And a bit more. BBQ tunes.


I’m going to bore you all forever in this thread.


Ill certainly take a look thanks mate


Bring it! Lol

20 new songs


Old school (ish).


Clips from the movie are in the video of course.

“What is democracy?”

“Something about young men killing each other I suppose.”

But it’s all based on the book, Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. Once again, the book is better than the movie, but both can be hard to come by. (Or at least used to be before amazon)

I actually convinced a high school English teacher to let me read the book for my senior final report. Presented my report while playing the music video to the class. It was awesome! Best grade I ever got in English.