Life is so hard πŸ˜“


unfortunately i dont know exactly but i recieved warning from professor : β€œWe cannot have soliciting on the forum or once people see others get free coins we will be swamped with people claiming similar.” i should to obey him


Fair enough I suppose.


I sent 500 to the address you sent me and the transaction is complete


This is the address you sent me and the transaction is complete @Tika @wTz1 @PEACE @Pahini


Hopefully you will send it on to @Peace


thanks dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tiki sems a good guy, I’m sure he will send the ETN onwards. Who wouldn’t?


@PEACE did @tika send the ETN to you ? I thought he was the cousin that you were trying ton buy ETN for and he sent me his ETN address and I sent ETN to him by mistake. He will Send it on to you to help with your loss.


@M-Kid FYI @PEACE Hi Peace I sent some ETN I thought to you however @Tika sent his ETN address to me and I sent it to him inadvertently. The address I sent it to and Tika gave me is : etnjxmvUQDeYGqD4gVoPggh8AZvx6jiKCTXwk1m5U95Ha2bnnYnQHyh8YnQV5tHfUjacCtYVBdTLwNaxK4tLXgtg2YwsCegoRm If you don’t receive ETN from this address it means that Tika kept it I have confirmation that it was sent. Please reply to this message with your ETN address thanks bro I will help you out.


Morning all, this is a screenshot of my account. Just to show how many ETN I have, and where it is coming from? anwax did you made this payment, on the 12 of Bovember? If so I will send it imidiatelay to [PEACE] As all can see there is only one transaction, no 500 ETN, as of yet? I promise hat if it shows in my account I will give it back. (


And here is the proof that it was sent today to your address


Hehehe, I refresh my pc, and there it is!!! sorry again to all! Now please can you give me PEACE wallet address. to give him the 500ETN back, please? Someone deposit 400 ETN, maybe that was also for PEACE? If so please tell? I am blind, so I will do my best to do this transaction as quick as I can. I wll take a pic of every transaction, and again so sorry for the mess-up I made :slight_smile:


Sorry, I did not refresh, sorry Tanwax


@Rachel I think we have a Serious defect please have the tech team verify that this tx went to the address in the screen shot thank you and kind regards. @Tika @Wtz1 @Zero7 @Pahini @Storm @RSKNOR @B.F.A


Tanwax no, look I posted a refresh photo, I have the ETN, I wat to send it back!! Sorry, sorry!!!


You and I were posting at the same time @Rachel @RSKNOR disregard request proof in screenshot was correct.
Thank you and kind regards.


Phew! Tanwax do you have PEACE walled addres, please?


They only preventing us from soliciting


I do not I was going to send him some more and he did not reply yet. With his address. I think you should keep what I sent earlier and I will send peace more as I have more than you do thanks


Is the attack really true? I’m thinking otherwise