Life is so hard 😓


All is good @Emmanuel Peace got scammed and we are trying to help.


Oooh that’s unfortunate, but how possible is that?


I think he should be careful next time


It was a Phishing scam


Hmm I wanna help too, I need his referral code I have introduced some people wanna give them his code so he can earn a little


I think you should let the others with more help my friend. That is very kind of you though. How is the African YouTube going did you have a talk on your phone and make a video? Also you should give your code in the video.


I created the account, now I’m inviting my friends to subscribe after I got few subscribers then I post the link here,I’m still introducingpeople so I think they will like to earn some, so I will stay with them


Please post link to the community we will help you grow and we will subscribe. This is Huge you are the first YouTuber in Africa !! great going you are the man!!


That is awesome kind of you, but I would rather give it back, please I do not want to offend you. I did not read the whole post and I messed-up. PEACE is looking out for me returning the ETN, so let us keep it that way? :):sweat_smile: A


Ok I got your address and Santa may pay you a visit. :grinning: :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: hundred squirrel


hello guys now i am here i will write my adress in private thank you in advance


i have wrote adress dear


Alright, your ETN on its way, it iis still pending, as soon as it went through I will post the transaction,


Transaction complete, here is copy, hope everything is A, ok now? :sunglasses:


Good work @Tika - ETN community is great!


Ty I have received it ty for your kind action


Great community Our ETN has here we will all get rich when moon and sit around a camp fire sipping beverage and laughing about this one day cheers.


Sorry guys
But @PEACE ** please tell your friend to come here, and tell him to prove this community that his accound was hacked and his etns were withdrawned by a third party.
I apologize but sth is fishy here.
Maybe it’s better to film his account history instead of screenshots.


I don’t think @PEACE has malcontent He is an honest community member that had an unfortunate occurrence.
I would be glad to help any Community member that had similar event happen. @Kurd.girl if this happened to you I would help you as well if the laws in my country allowed it.


We shouldn’t help everybody, esp with closed eyes and to masked guys.
Simply I asked him to bring his friend to this community and film his account ,show us the theft.