Life is so hard 😓


Hello guys, i want to share my sad history. Nearly one month ago i persuaded my cousin to buy electroneum and he sold his car and i bought etn for him approximately 115-130k (dont remember exact number) and yesterday i saw one post on facebook where our community member were saying that he lost 2500 etn on cryptopia, immediately i google cryptopia and visit incorrect website but i checked that it has https and it had but it wasnt enough in other words i became victim of phishing web site and lost all etn,they traded it with btc and withdraw it.
also they disabled withrawal confirmations by mail as cryptopia told me and right now i dont know how to solve this problem, i dont know how to say it to my cousin :persevere: .

proof of i am victim of scam.

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Thats is so… :confounded::exploding_head::scream:
Damn man


This is really bad. :fearful:
Just asking how did they went over 2 factor verification? I think there is not much that you can do. Cryptopia booked those transactions as yours.
Maybe open Ticket on Cryptopia and explain situation.


I had 2factor verification but that is not enough I opened ticket but answer is in above unfortunately :unamused:


I am really sorry. :tired_face: Did you had all ETN on Cryptopia?


Save your favorites on usb stick. Extra security. A tip for everyone.


Number one I feel for your loss that you got scammed
Number two , if the 2 factor has failed and they bypassed that , that to me rings alarm bells , 2factor authentication is there as a failsafe to prevent theft , if they beat the 2factor they need to investigate this asap , they need to find out how it failed , why it failed etc. As they said it’s done this in the backround while you logged in. This is not safe no point using it . We need better security…

I hate people who STEAL …
Sorry again


unfortunately that wasn’t mine that is main problem :disappointed_relieved: dear


2 factor is working good but if you use it in phishing site for example if you write in google cryotpia first one is scam site which google is advertsising it whoch has https and all stuff which and nearly doesn’t has any different with original site


Its possible if the scammer is fast, and track you live,? Its a timer on the 2fa, so the scammer need to be lucky also.
Damn, the morale of some, i would have serious karma issues to steal like that. What goes around, i hope comes around for that dude. Dont matter if your from a poor place.


Sounds like the 2FA has been provided by peace whilst using the spoofed site. When he’s entered it into the spoofed site, it’s provided it for the attacker to use on the real site.

This is absolutely horrible, I feel so sorry for you mate. All it takes is one little slip in attention and this is what happens. There are people everywhere that want to take everything they can from you and they don’t care how it affects your life, your circumstances etc. Heartless people.

Amounts like that in my opinion should be in a paper wallet. Keeping coins on an exchange is a big no no, should be in and out on the exchanges as quickly as possible. As someone else has said, favourites on usb stick. It’s an easy mistake to make, with extremely hard consequences.

Anyway, it’s just to remind everyone reading. I’m sure you’re quite aware of all that now, I’m not trying to make you feel bad. Could happen to anyone.

Really sorry for you, especially the circumstances of being someone else’s money. My heart goes out to you, it’s left you in an awful situation.


thank you dear yes I must to make something but yet don’t know :expressionless:
I hope everything will be okay :roll_eyes:


I appreciate thank for share my feels, its really hard but I cant do anything to change it and its the most awful thing


First sorry man… :sweat:

But when i withdrawal coins from Cryptopia i always get a Withdrawal 2FA Confirmation as email… :thinking:


ty me too but they disabled mail confirmations as cryptia told me


I can feel it, I feel heartbroken for you. It’s exactly what everyone in crypto fears the most. You must be feeling physically sick.


ohhh… this may not be allowed to change :see_no_evil:


I think the same and wrote them that doesn’t be allowed to change its so funny if everyone can change this


That’s too bad, that’s why some exchanges also add extra security by adding the option to whitelist IP-address to connect from

Attacker could be hiding behind one or several VPN, but is according to whatismyip from Brazil


yes and I am from Georgia