Life is so hard 😓


I know you can send ETn to who ever you want. But this thread is about @PEACE. He lost all of his ETNs on Cryptopia. Just for conformation.:grin:


Excellent idea @Joe90 I’ll start the ball rolling with 5k ETN.


Etn is on the way bro hope it helps


Tika the ETN I Sent you was for the guy that was scammed @PEACE please make sure he gets it thank you.


tanwax first of all i want to tell you huge thank for your motivation to help me, for me main is you and persons like you have desire to help other human its great motivation for me to get up!!! thank you guys


thank you for your kind regards dear i appreciate it <3


Sorry for the misunderstanding, sory :slight_smile:


@Tika I do hope that you have sent the ETN from @Tanwax straight onward to @PEACE. We are community and despite misunderstandings we all must be honest with each other and fly straight. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


I did not receive any, but if it were to land in my wallet, be sure I will send it to @PEACE !


Hi anwax , when did you send the ETN and how much, I just want to give it back, please? Thanks


You have a good heart @Tika. May fortune smile upon you. It’s karmic.


Please can you give us your ETN address? The one posted above appears to belong to somebody else, please can you post yours here so we can send ETN straight to you? Many thanks


This Is So sad,awww So Sorry ,Just Show Him The Message He’s Human And Will Understand you


ty joey for everything i wrote in private i cant write here because its against community rules as i heard from one profesor of our community


You can post your public ETN address here, it’s the only way we can send you some ETN. Someone else posted their address above (looks like it’s been deleted now), but at least two payments meant for you have gone to the wrong person already.


This is your public address, it shouldn’t be any sort of problem to have it posted. Keep it on here for people to help you.


Dear one good guy(he is professor rank) from our community told me that isn’t correct by our rules there is chance to ban if I continue write my qr code.


If anyone is feeling bad for @PEACE situation and wants to help out from hereon please PM him for his ETN address. One love.


thank you wtz1 its very kind action from you thanks:heart_eyes:


You don’t have to delete your ETN address you are not violating any of FAQ