KYC level 2 problems

I level 1 KYC completed but can’t see how to do level 2 … I’m using iPhone to try and do it … do I need to be on a desk top to complete it ??

Yes it is better cause you can scan the QR code directly from your mobile via ETN website - (Settings - My profile)

However I received an error,“some thing went wrong,” due to my address wasn’t able to verify from Yoti.

You can search my post," Yoti QR," and keep me posted how it went at your end.


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A desktop would be much easier to complete the level 2 KYC @77b76873eb642afeb868 also I had to wait 24 hours before I could continue with level 2 I don’t know if that is for everyone but that worked for me if you verify your address and on yoti it doesn’t verify then just fill it in manually without verifying it then it will send your unverified address with it as soon as you can scan yoti on the website you’ll be able to provide a document to continue your verification :wink: hope this helps a bit :+1:

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Yay @cuddlesquid to the rescue :grin:

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@77b76873eb642afeb868 I tried using my iPhone & yes you can activate the Yoti via your mobile itself thus you really need not scan the QR code. Just go to ETN website - settings - profile - Activate Via Yoti

However I do have my original issue thus couldn’t verify to Level 2.

All the best!

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Yoti has released their new app update and after updating my QR code has disappeared. I have successfully submitted my level 2 documents. Thanks to ETN team as they walk the talk. @Rach


Hi,we are facing problem while doing level 2 verification,the year of birth field is not allowing to select the exact year of Birth,it’s showing from 2013 to 2023 only,it’s not scrolling down or up, please rectify the issue ETN TEAM

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There is another issue for some of us in the United States as well I’d like to address here and bring to attention.

If you can please reply @ETNCEO I’d much appreciate it. Currently Yoti doesn’t accept state id’s for those whom don’t drive such as myself right now due to a visual impairment I need corrected.

We really need a way to manually upload various forms of documentation to Electroneum directly to get fully verified unless Yoti integrates that. I did contact they’re support and here was the response.

I decided to add the screen shot so you can discuss this with Yoti. So, I proceeded to my ETN wallet under the profile settings and thought I’d try to use the Yoti scanner on the QR code there and I got this response.

Of course, as you’ll clearly see since they won’t accept my state ID I can’t complete this step so we really need a way to rectify this as many people don’t drive for whatever reason they may have. I also sent this issue into support but awaiting a second response to my inquiry. I don’t mind waiting though, I know you’re all swamped right now with everything going on, I just thought it was an important issue to address.

ETN has a real trouble with this KYC procedure, yoti does not accept document from certain countries electroneum itself has no way to upload passport on the website we do not really know what to do. we have a lot of trouble to get the level 2. if yoti is the problem the team must add another option to identify us

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They also don’t appear to accept those of us who have retired, ie no job title or employers name! I have no clue how to complete Level 2. Would appreciate some feedback.