How to complete KYC Level 1 Identity Verification

Level 1 Identity Verification

Step 1: Go to and login.

Step 2: Click on “Complete Signup” on the left side of the website once you login.

Step 3: Complete “Account Level 1 - Details” fields to elevate your account to Level 1.

Step 4: Click on green “Complete account setup” button.

To verify Account Level 1 Elevation

Step 1: Click on “Settings” button.

Step 2: Click on “Your Profile” button.

Step 3: At bottom of page you will find “Identity Verification and Account Limits”



Hi ,
In this level is it possible to import from my paper wallet higher than 50 yuro in month ? or i should compelet the 3th level ?

Hi , i want to import ETN from my paper wallet , does it depend on my level ?

Hello there,

Once you verify Level 1, you can transact up to 50 Euros (Roughly around 11,000 Electroneum at current price as of 9/14/2018) worth of Electroneum each month. Anything over 50 Euros worth of Electroneum, you will need Level 2 or Level 3 :slight_smile:

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What language should i use to enter my name and surname (english or my national)? If i use english and later i need to complete level 2 KYC but my documents have only national language (no english equivalent), will it be a problem?

English is fine, this wont interfere with your documents. Sorry for late response.

I couldnt verify my account since 1 month. I uploaded my driving licence clearly, and after 2 weeks its rejected because i didnt send backward of my driving licence. There is no option to upload 2 photos…

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make photo of both sides. select both of them then print it to pdf. upload pdf


Yes, had the same issue. But this workaround shouldn’t be necessary.
@Plankton_ETN did make the team aware of this so, I guess it will be resolved soon :blush:


Why can’t I pass the verification after passing the house tax bill?
It has the address and my name and ID card
Which place does not meet the criteria for passing the verification?

please direct all questions to support, also see the latest faq… thanks


I have verified it for 4 months and still can’t pass the verification
All kinds of information have been passed on
From housing tax, credit card bills, electricity bills, there is no way to pass verification
I really don’t know what went wrong
Obviously the information I provided has the information you want