How to complete KYC Level 1 Identity Verification


Level 1 Identity Verification

Step 1: Go to and login.

Step 2: Click on “Complete Signup” on the left side of the website once you login.

Step 3: Complete “Account Level 1 - Details” fields to elevate your account to Level 1.

Step 4: Click on green “Complete account setup” button.

To verify Account Level 1 Elevation

Step 1: Click on “Settings” button.

Step 2: Click on “Your Profile” button.

Step 3: At bottom of page you will find “Identity Verification and Account Limits”

Completing KYC level 2 and 3


Common questions regarding Yoti and KYC

How to complete KYC Level 2 and 3 Identity Verifcation
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Check lvl 1 info

Hi ,
In this level is it possible to import from my paper wallet higher than 50 yuro in month ? or i should compelet the 3th level ?


Hi , i want to import ETN from my paper wallet , does it depend on my level ?


Hello there,

Once you verify Level 1, you can transact up to 50 Euros (Roughly around 11,000 Electroneum at current price as of 9/14/2018) worth of Electroneum each month. Anything over 50 Euros worth of Electroneum, you will need Level 2 or Level 3 :slight_smile:


What language should i use to enter my name and surname (english or my national)? If i use english and later i need to complete level 2 KYC but my documents have only national language (no english equivalent), will it be a problem?


English is fine, this wont interfere with your documents. Sorry for late response.