How to complete KYC Level 2 and 3 Identity Verifcation


If you need to complete level 1 verification, follow this guide:, otherwise continue reading step 1 to complete level 2 and 3.

Step 1

Download the official image app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile device.

Step 2

Create a Yoti profile. We have some great documentation and videos to help you get started.

Step 3

Go to and login

Step 4

Click on “Settings” button


Step 5

Click on “Your Profile” button


Final Step

Scan the QR code displayed on your profile page using your Yoti app.




This didn’t work for me. I already tried multiple times. I have no way to upload an ID. Please help to me to reach level 2. I already emailed support several times, but I can’t get get any help.

Here are some common questions related to KYC: What do I do if Yoti isn’t available in my country? You need to go onto, go to settings, my profile and scan the QR code (or button if you are on a mobile device) with the Yoti app. Yoti will ask you to add basic information, which is uploaded to our system, then you need to upload an ID to our system so our team can verify. The app doesn’t have an ID option because my ID doesn’t have an address.

I am not sure I understand this part.

Yoti provides a way for you to take a photo of your ID, driving licence or passport to match your Yoti photos/profile.

Could you explain a little more about your issue?

I was referring to this part. “Yoti will ask you to add basic information, which is uploaded to our system, then you need to upload an ID to our system so our team can verify.” That states to upload my ID to the electroneum system right?

I am already done with level 1 KYC. My problem is I can’t pass level 2. YOTI only accepts a Driving license and passport as proof of identification, which I don’t have. I emailed support and they were able to adjust where YOTI only asks for my address (originally, it asked for my name, address and 1 other detail). However, YOTI is still asking for the same IDs to verify my address

I am very limited to helping with KYC, I primarily use cold storage wallets and they do not require KYC. My guide here mainly directs you into KYC verification procedures.

If I may ask you to open a personal thread here: in regards to your KYC issue which should help us attract some more KYC gurus and possibly other users from your continent.

Thank you. I will just do that.

I have opened a YOTI account using a smart phone, uploaded my passport successfully, but when I login to my ETN account I cannot find anymore the ‘scan with Yoti’ QR code that is referenced under How to complete KYC Level 2 and 3 Identity Verifcation/ Final Step.
Specifically when I click on Settings / Your Profile , the Final Step indicates that I should scan a QR code using Yoti BUT THERE IS NO YOTI QR CODE TO BE FOUND when I click on my profile.
Guys this process is really unnecessarily complicated, so far it has been a 3 hour waste of my time over several days with no progress. I simply wish to get verified at L2 and 3 as you have instructed me to do. How about some timely help?

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I’m sorry, somehow you are about the only one I missed notification on this post and shame on me I haven’t been keeping up with my KYC posts,… I will update this guide soon.

By the way, have you resolved your issue?

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