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Hi all
I’m Gary 48 a south African born Scotsmen living in Glasgow Scotland. I’m loving all the Electroneum hype and can’t wait for it to take off.


Hi, thnx for that.
My name is Seatile 32yrs nd joined ETN on ICO sale nd introduced 8 people on a mobile miner


Hi I am a self employed tattooist from your the UK, I already accept Etn (as well as Ltc and btc) at my tattoo studio, but have yet to do my first transaction in any of them! I’m trying to do my best to make people aware that crypto currency is a real thing and not some scam/ponzu/pyramid scheme or whatever. So many have been brainwashed into thinking that FIAT currency is backed by something, obviously it’s the opposite and our governments / banks exploit it by just printing out more ‘money’ (Quantative easing) as and when they want! Long live the blockchain, ETN FTW!


Hi to all nice to meet you everybody. I am Vlastimil from Czech Republic (Czechia) live now in BRNO. I love ETN from the ICO stage and love you 2. For more check my Twitter or here my profile :wink: if you want to ask for something let me know via Pm :wink:


Crypto_Boatman here, living on the river in my converted lifeboat.
Etn since ico my first crypto many have followed lol
Living in the uk due to start traveling again next year to map the world with my drone for Soar Earth (I am a permit holder to fly drones)
Beta tested etn to euro on next exchange some months ago, so some exciting times ahead for all of us :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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@GavTattooist This is amazing, keep up that good spirit keep helping others. Very glad to have you in our community.


Hello everyone my name is Chris from Nigeria. I have so much faith in Electroneum and believe we will get sooner than expected


Greetings from Florida!
Keep on holding and buying more.


Hi All,

I am Valter from Croatia.

Small beautiful Country at Adriatic Sea. I am crypto freak for long time now and such invested in Electroneum since the day one.

I honestly believe the Electroneum community is the strongest link in this journey in to the cryptocurrency future.

I hope this incredible community from all over the world will met one day to celebrate our success.

I am proud to be here.


@VZCrypto22 Hello Croatia user! Glad to have you around :slight_smile:


Thank you, thank you. The spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto is around us. The FIAT currency wall will fall, slowly but surely.

Do not give up with your studio, first payment will come.

Cheers from Croatia.


Hi I am Patrick, 48 years and lives in the Netherlands. Into ETN from the ICO and a big believer in Electroneum and Crypto in general.


I have acquired 6250 coins but are in an account that I can’t access because I made a typo when entering my email. How do I access that account?

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@Jimbee Hello and welcome! Initially, without confirming your “typo” email, you would not be able to store any coins.

If you have trouble accessing your account, you will need to contact support, visit link below to do so.



Hello all , UK , north east.

My name’s Chris , mid 40’s Have a lovely family 2 children ,2 cats who are absolutely amazing. New in the cryptomarket , got in on ico and took a gamble and it’s been a great one to watch…

I wish everyone the best of luck with etn and whatever coins tokens shares etc you may have.
Life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs , enjoy every second even the bad times have good in them somewhere.

Take care everyone , nice to see the world is involved in electroneum…

Good luck and good hodling



You will have to get in touch with Electroneum support and they will guide you…as long as its your account you will not have a problem…


Hello, everyone, my name is Ahmad 24 years old I’m from TURKEY chemistry man :wink: also infatuated in ETN :blush: good community and best youth friends at all .


Hello everyone,

i am David and 28 years from Germany. I im all in with ETN and like the project and the community. Hope we stay together and be strong :slight_smile:


hi can i ask you how we could use or test the instant payment system ?


There is a post about this right here @furios :+1: