Introduce yourself, don't be shy!


Hi , I don’t see any topic to introduce people so I’m making this one :wink:

It could be a good idea to quickly introduce yourself here if you want to, so I’m going to be the first one doing this:

I’m Olly, 33 yo, French, living in Thailand! Very pleased to be here!

I Believe in ETN from the very beginning and I’m of course holding some ETN coins ^^

I hope this forum will give us the answers we are looking for and of course if you have questions about Thailand you can contact me hey hey ^^

I wish all the best to this community and Forum!

Can’t wait to see what is going on next in the ETN world :slight_smile:

Joined The Forum Today
Joined The Forum Today

Hi Olly, I’m Gustavo from Mexico, 33 yo, living in the south of Mexico, I hope we can share all the ideas about ETN and how we can support the project!!!


I’m Allen, 30 yo, Chinese, living in Singapore!

I am a great follower of ETN coins actitvity forum and make a lot of research for this investment.

I Believe ETN will be a great cryptocurrency in the coming progress.

Great works for ETN having this community FORUM… ALL the best!


Hi 40 from Norway, and i am a great believer in the ETN projekt


Hi am David,32 from Nigeria and also a big fan of Etn project. Am glad to have identified with this great idea in the crypto space.


Hi all! I’m Benjamin Oberholzer, the guy behind I live in sunny South Africa and have been a big fan of Electroneum since the beginning. Have been a buyer into the ICO and journeyed along with the ride through launch, hacks, bugs, fixes, forks, exchanges, more forks, high prices, low prices, difficulty swings, slow block times, fast block times, new features… and all the wonderful excitement that comes with it.

Through it all, I continue to be a great enthusiast and supporter of Electroneum, and I thoroughly enjoy educating people about ETN over at the blog.

This coins is different. It’s not just a coin, but an entire eco-system in the making. The Electroneum system (not just the coin) is going places. Stick around!


Hello everyone, I am Roberts Victor from Nigeria and I am happy to be part of the team


Good heavens what has the World come to? Ok,I am old, female and blonde,three disadvantages…but to be greeted by a BOT…a BOT???
My name is Karen, I live in sunny West Sussex here in England. I know little about crypto but always up for learning new things.
I spend summers sailing,winters ski ing ,I pole dance, play the piano and fit in a job as well. We are only here once so live it


Hi… I am Carol. I live in Scotland. Looking forward to finding my way around the forum and expanding my knowledge about crypto as new to this.


Good day to everyone. Wilson here from Philippines, 40 yrs old. A happy etn hodlr!!!


Hi all, Nick here from Cape Town, South Africa,

Been invested with ETN since the beginning of the year, through thick and thin.

I work in Hospitality and Tourism and am definitely looking forward to one day accepting ETN as a
payment option

Keep well! :slight_smile: :grin:


Hi Etn fanatics !! I’m Mario from Romania a I have 33 years , I work as a manager and i’m happy to be a part of this GREAT COMMUNITY !!! :wink::+1:


Hey, I am Redwan ,25 and from Bangladesh.
In my opinion,
Richard Ells is the best CEO we could have got. I personally like his ethics and his leadership is on point. Very less people gets what he is trying to do here.:earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia:

dont let the current price fool you , ETN will reach its goal :sunglasses:


Hi gays, I am Ivo from Bulgaria, i have 36 years, I work as Graphical Designer.
My story with Electroneum is from beginning of ICO!


Hi everyone,

I’m Rachel, 21, from England and I work for Electroneum!


Very glad to see people from everywhere :slight_smile:



I am Paul from the United States and I am a true believer in ETN. I think this is a great thing for the world.
It has been a long time coming for something like this and we are in great hands with Richard Ells.


Hello, I’m Sanzei a Landscape Photographer in South Florida. ETN looks promising let’s keep this movement going. :v::blush::+1:


Hello I’m Ganeshkumar from Malaysia…ETN to the Moon!!!


Hi…my name is not important, male, 33 years old, Romania.