Introduce yourself, don't be shy!


thank you do much dude :kissing_smiling_eyes:


No problem @furios :blush::+1:


Hai, I’m Dening from Indonesia,40. Living in Bali.


i’m Andi from AUSTRIA!
I believe in the concept of electroneum and hope the team can do everything as planned because then the door to the world is open to us!
I still holding since march and mine etn with the mobile miner!
With this forum we are on the way to ah great and strong community!

Best regards Andi


Hi everybody,
I’m Daniel from Germany, 30 years old and support ETN from the beginning.
I’m looking forward to this amazing project!


Hey It’s KentuckyMiner.


Hello everyone, my name is Alex, I live in the USA, and I’m 18yo. I love studying complex topics and having conversations with anyone about anything. It’s an honor to join such a warm and welcoming community. I believe in this cryptocurrency as most others due which is why I’m here. I believe in the potential, while also taking other opinions into consideration. Interesting to see what kind of pull this coin has on a global aspect based on the variety of locations people are following this coin from. Good luck to all and cheers!


I am Saheed Akinyoola aka Mrcash from Nigeria.
I’m 25 years old. I’m a blessed child who has foreseen this project before its ico. This made me keep believing, strong and hold tight this coin.
I don’t care about the price is now because I have known what this project is about to make me be.
Quote me, between now and 2020 you will understand what I’m saying.
I have noticed Africa dominating here especially Nigeria.
We believe in Blockchain technology as the banking process is getting worse now.


Hi All
I’m Ash from Melbourne, Australia
I love what the ETN team is trying to do :grinning:


Glad you are here!! Saying hi from the USA. @Kaden


ROMANIA :orange_heart: ETN UP :last_quarter_moon_with_face::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


Please keep it positive and civil. Thank you


I love my drones too… I have a few professional ones and pursuing the pilots license here in the us… Did not realize that I had to test same as a regular plane pilot when I started… Is it different where you live? Mapping the world sounds like a very fun thing to do! I think I would like that myself… Travel and Map… lol… Cool mr boatman cool!


Yes the same here in the uk same as pilots licence, in my class there were helicopter and aircraft pilots who obviously did not have soooooo much to learn but alot for me to learn took me some time to get it all in my head lol but well worth it :+1: check out soarearth you can start mapping the USA :+1:


Born and bred aussie here, in my early 30s. I bought some ETN during their ICO, was hugely skeptical of the project at first but still decided to take a punt and put in only what I could afford to lose… But now seeing the progress the team has made, I have bought some more ETN.


Hello everyone, I am Henry From China. ETN support.


that’s really great! you can change your name on preferences so that other’s can easily mention and remember you… welcome to ETN community forum @Cryptor


Hi. I am JamseDon from Korea, living in Ho chiminh city, Vietnam. I hope everyone get happy by ETN chance. Wanna sharing more with this community. Good luck !!


Hi, where in Thailand do you live?
Grtz Emiel


Hi all, 50 year old checking in from Ontario, Canada and looking forward to seeing a change in the world that everyone can be part of!