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from sunny Aruba, 39 years and believing in ETN


Hey everyone, I’m Turkish Tye living in London,
I’m 39 and a holder of etn, looking forward to the crypto future :smirk:


Mls880 from South Africa.

36 and love ETN


I am ThanksMia blood of the Emperor Mia from Germany 24 years old i startet programming long ago and got interested into blockchain, throw ThanksMia i am able to enter the 4 dimension (time dimension) and i can see big times vor ETN comming so i am strong believer in electroneum vision of mass adoption and bringing economic freedoom for the world.


Hey guys,

Rob here! 27 years old, Engineer and a massive supporter of ETN! I live in Scotland and awaiting a PR visa for Australia.

You may recognise me from telegram :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m from The Czech Republic, I’m 22 yo, self-employed in financial business, very interested in investing and trading (mostly speculative investments). I study computer science for 4y.
And the major reasons why I invest in ETN is huge potencial (ROI) and strong fundamentals of the company itself… Cheers :grin:


Evening everyone. I’m from Manchester, England. Huge fan of crypto, especially ETN.
Great to have this forum now, and fantastic to see so many people from different parts of the world. Cool AF :sunglasses:


Hey everyone.

I’m Matt from germany.
I love the ETN project since the beginning.
I got ETN in the BTC hype phase last year and hold it since.

Seeing throgh all the fud was always easy for me since the ETN team was transparent from the beginning.

I learned a lot about trading recently and wish I would have sold at 1000sat to buy back now =) (Dont we all!?).
I believe in ETN and its vision. You rarely see such a dedicated and hard working team :slight_smile:

I do also love this forum it adds to the community and the whole ETN ecosystem.

Keep up the great work. The future is in Crypto :slight_smile:


Tyler from Canada/USA. ETN believer since Day 1.

You will see me around here a lot.



Hi everyone,

I’m Catalin, I’m 22 and I’m from Romania


Hi, i love the project Etn
im gilbzh, mexico


old fart (46 years) from Norway, involved in cryptocurrencies (btc, ltc, xmr) since 2013, bought btc at $100, and metric fucktons of etn below 1 cents :sunglasses: Future looking bright :+1:
Im damaged goods, shilling for years on btc-e and poloniex trollboxes, expect some trolling and sarcasm :joy:


Founder of Decent Crypto Clothing from the USA… we provide the crypto community with custom embroidered snapback hats. … soon we will have Etn snapbacks in stock… nice to be a part of the community…stay tuned


I’m Canpolat, 21 years old, Circassian, living in Kayseri, Turkey! Very pleased to be in here.

If you have questions about Turkey, you can contact me “hey”.

I wish all the best to this community and Forum!


Hi I’m Jay, 35 years old from Australia and holder of ETN since ICO!
Looking forward to the crypto future and being apart of this community! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Choon from California born in Thailand, 34 years old stay at home dad. I spend most of my spare time doing graphic/3d designs. I’m excited to see what ETN has in the future for Crypto. I hold a pretty good amount of ETN as well. Just really excited to be apart of this community. Go ETN!!


Hey! I am Faraaz, 21 year old from Mangalore, South of India.
ETN was my first ever investment and it has already changed my lifestyle. I am a travel enthusiast and would like to get to know you’ll. Huge believer in ETN. Excited for the coming month :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, Im carl from Philadelphia ,27 years old photographer filmmaker. i enjoy networking meting new people learning about crypto.


How exciting, I was born in Thailand. I went back awhile back, but if I had to choose between California and Thailand. I’d go back to Thailand and retire there since everything is cheaper hehe. Happy Staying in Thailand, the weather there isn’t for everyone :grinning:


Hey! I’m Walker, and I’ve been into mining for awhile now. I got into the antminer d3 just early enough to profit a bit before it all went down haha. I’ve learned to stick to the phone apps like minergate and that, but even those don’t work like they used to. I’m very excited to be using the electroneum app because it’s not quite the same as a real miner, and I’m excited to be part of the community!