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Olá, eu me chamo Reverson, 37 anos, brasileiro, Morando no Paraná, queria agradecer pela iniciativa do nosso amigo Olly, para que a comunidade se una cada vez mais em prol a ETN, espero ajudar nos próximos tópicos em qualquer assunto relevante, estou a disposição para qualquer pegunta, um forte abraço a todos.


Hi everyone ! excited to join this awesome community. I’m Gianluca, 34 yo, from Milan, Italy.

i heard about ETN in May and it immediately looked interesting to me ; let’s be the strenght of this crypto, the only one decentralized, the only one ready for mass adoption.

i’ll come back in another forum section with a few ideas within the next day



Hi Olly,
I’m James from the UK, great idea! I to love the concept of ETN and can’t wait to see what happens next…


I’m Gbode Abiola an entrepreneur, blockchain investor and advisor, tech enthusiast and a web/android developer. I chart coins and talk about crypto investment strategy.

ETN has been my dream coin and I still believe in it till date. Waiting for ETN to the sky


Hey there everyone! I am KingCajun from the swamps of Louisiana USA… I thought I was the lone ranger thinking I was the only person hailing from the US but I see a couple more in the thread. Good to see all the posts from around the world. Love Life Live Life Be Free Be Happy Don’t Hate and Always HODL! Been with ETN since the beginning as a miner and an investor. I hold many different coins in hopes that one or two will shoot to the moon. I am ready for ETN to be mass adopted and become the next world currency!


Hello ETN-Community!

I’m Michael from Germany, 33 years old and i’m looking forward getting to know the ETN Community.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Michael, from South Africa, 35. Go Electroneum!


Hi Everybody,My name is brendan,Im from South Africa and am SOOOO happy to finally have a platform where we can have meaningful engagements…I have been involved with ETN since ICO and have been interacting with people On FB and reddit which have been Entertaining to say the least…lol…Glad to have a official forum to engage with each other Without the Obvious Fudders who just used to Troll…:grin::grin::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Hello all. Name’s Mike. I’m the r/electroneum head moderator / event coordinator. Been a part of this growing community since day 1. Excited to see where we end up.


Nice to see you Mike…Been waiting for this Community forum for ages…LOL…Been very active in the FB community and hope to continue here…:grin::grin::+1::+1:


Hello all!
My name’s Corentin, I’m from the :baguette_bread: :wine_glass: :cheese: country (:fr: for those who don’t find!).
I’m 20yo and studying computer science (network and system engineering) and I’m also a self-learner, coder sometimes… I believe ETN will achieve great things!

Oh, and I also love Shiba Inus


Hey @DSJC Mike… Just a :+1: to ya! Glad to have an official forum. Souldn’t have to dig around the newsgroups for info anymore… Great to be here and Great to be a part of such a solid community of great people from all over the globe. :sunny: :smile: :sunny:


I’m Paul from Lincolnshire in the UK, a strong believer in Electroneum and their goals right from ICO days. Looking forward to learning more.


Hi, I’m mrbill, Salt Lake City, Utah USA. You can find me here @mrbill. This is an awesome forum.


Hi, Vonney from U.S. Glad to see this ETN Forum. My best to everyone!


I am Clay. I am a disabled single Father, cryptocurrency TA specialist and project promoter. I Am a event organizer and active community member. I belive in the power of Electronium. Its power to help many many people through the gig economy and many other ways. Washington State USA. Plz use my referal code on the miner I mine 24/7 on a Galaxy S9+ So your bonus will be maxed also. Thank you. And I look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with all of you.


Hi everybody,

My name is Foumba and Im from Montreal, Canada.
I m glad to see there people all around the world into this community.


Pete here, old bastard from England, veteran of Fight the FUD campaign on Reddit and Crytocompare… maybe as this place is for actual users there will be less nonsense. Or am I being too hopeful!!!


Zobe here 34 year old from Norway


Hi all, I am Jeroen from The Netherlands. I hope to vind a lot of info on this forum :sunglasses: