First Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration


Just recently installed to my 2 store.
Waiting to receive the payment;)))
selfishstick com and sellbourne com/buy just integrated​:australia::australia::australia:



There is one issue @benjaminoo can you look at it?

And do you think that is good idea to translate this plugin to more languages through this option?

Maybe in future we can see too the list of webpages…

And congratulation we have now over 70+ downloads and instalation of this plugin…



Nice. Will do it as well.

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RIchard the Woocommerce Integration is simple and easy. However in your WooCommerce marketing you promise a lot of help. There is no sign up page. I want to be included in your marketing but don’t know if I have been accepted. A simple signup page with an autoresponder would sort it. I have been trying to get a response in here, on Facebook and Twitter. BTW here is my site, you mentioned hypnotherapry in your second interview with Nick



@ImogenD, @ETNCEO
Very valid points.



Hey Benjaminoo,
There’s been several occasions over the past few months where I will get an order placed on my store, then it says it was timed out and cancelled, but in actuality the payment was sent, and I have to manually go into the woocommerce and change to completed. I have found that there are many that complete on their own but several that cancel out due to timing out. Is this due to something on customers’ end that they are not doing? Or is it something I can fix on my end? Thanks so much! You are the man! -Greg Ward
etnmarketplace org



Is there a way to integrate electroneum into contact form 7?



What exactly are you thinking? Could you please explain a little more?



Apologies for the late reply. Do you have the webhook setup to point to the correct page on your site?

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No problem on delay. That’s a great question. Honestly I don’t even know if I have webhook set up at all. I have instant payment as payment option on the site. I have vendor API created on my ETN account and have added info to instant payment. But I don’t know if I have webhook created. Is it required or simply for push notifications? Thanks.

  • Greg
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This may be what you’re looking for :+1:

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I think if I remember correctly it actually tells you the url to use within the plugin settings or within the vendor information in the Electroneum account. it’s been a while since i used it. It basically calls back and confirms the payment has been successful and displays the information saying that the payment has been completed.

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Quote from @benjaminoo about Webhook



Sweet. Thank you @PrestoCrypto!

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Thanks Chris. I got some help from one of the Admins. Cheers! I would still like to talk to you about monetization of websites. When you get some free time. Much love! - Greg

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