First Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration


Perhaps the site is cached on a Cloudflare server near you. Should update in a couple of hours.

I’ve just made a successful transaction on their site with ETN.


Ok, then good to know. Hopefully it will be implemented in a lot more shops as well.
As this is a game changer for the crypto world, and ETN is in the driver’s seat. :smiley:


Done a transaction for the second time now and it was Effortless…:+1::+1::+1:


Technically, i could use another vendor outletId and put it into the API and it still able to process? It will pay to the specific vendor?


Yeah you could generate multiple vendor IDs and use them for different projects, technically. Remember though that you only have one webhook URL per account, which can only point to one website. We’ve raised this with the team to allow us to use a different webhook URL for each outlet, so you can use one account for all your projects. Let’s hope this becomes possible after the beta is lifted.

Also, there is only space for one company name and one logo. Therefore it will show the same details on the payment confirmation screen in the app for each of your vendor outlets.


I have a website. But can’t integrate the API, cause naira isn’t available. I get purchases from my sales page on a regular. We need naira(ngn) included


Sir we are really excited about ETN ,because it is an-about us project not an-about me.And we like the fact that you are always available



If you or your web admin understand web design.

The price in Naira divided by the current USD conversion rate. - you can use one of many different free currency-conversion api.

Multiply that number by the USD to ETN conversion rate.

Then put that number into your etn qr code and API request payload


New update released (version 1.1.4) with a few tweaks, security checks, and some important workarounds that will make the plugin work on more server environments. Not much change on the front-end customer experience, though.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for next updates… :+1:


wow nowadays a lot of people use wordpress and if they can to integrate etn as a payment such a easy !!! its fantastic news!!! also MR.Richard you were fantastic as always in globalcoinreport interview, you always give us power and huge motivation to be loyal soldiers of etn!!!


Wow! Over 50 active installations!


where do you find that number? asking for a friend :sunglasses:


You’ll find it on the right side of this page:


It would be awesome to get the list of the websites too. I think the website owners would not mind since it would be just free marketing for them :blush:


Unfortunately Wordpress doesn’t publish that information, as far as I know. Only statistics.


Alright! Too bad :weary: Luckily we have Electroneum academy’s business directory. I hope it can be kept up to date.


Weare busy integrating this payment to our e-commerce store now, almost up and running, just a few more tweaks to go regarding products


Sure :wink:
I think have seen the answer already but just in case… Have look here.


Hi guys I just integrated ETN into my website via WooCommerce. Does anyone know how or where I get it listed on the ETN list of vendors ?


Trying our best! But we also need people to submit their info!!