First Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration


Exciting news! Just completed the first Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration and tested it successfully over at

Update: The plugin is now available on the Wordpress directory, and development can be tracked at the Github repository.

Please help me test it out some more! Note that both the instant payment system and the Woocommerce plugin are still in beta so you might get some errors along the way. Please send me a message or reply to this thread with the error, and I’ll do my best to sort it out.

Instructions for Testing

As a first test, I’m selling a very simple product - a downloadable high-resolution Electroneum logo wallpaper for $0.05, or about 10 ETN currently. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Add the wallpaper to your cart, and click View Cart.
  3. Confirm your cart contents and proceed to checkout.
  4. Fill in your details and be sure to choose the Electroneum Instant Payments as the payment option.
  5. You will see an amount converted to ETN in real time as well as a QR code on the next screen. Either scan the QR code with your device or click on it to open the app (on mobile) or the web wallet manager (on desktop). Confirm the transaction and enter your PIN to complete the payment.
  6. Return to the checkout screen and press “I’ve made the payment”. The page will reload and you should see a confirmation message and a link to download the wallpaper.

You should also receive confirmation emails throughout the process.

Some screenshots

I’ve taken some screenshots to show you the entire process for those who don’t want to test it out themselves.

Cart page, showing the logo added to the cart:

Checkout page, with the option to choose Electroneum Instant Payments as a payment method:

Payment page, with a unique QR code to proceed with payment:

After scanning the QR code, you are directed to this screen inside the app where you can complete your payment:

Payment confirmation page, with a confirmation message and a download link:

Current development

Currently, the plugin only checks for payment by polling ETN’s servers on reload of the checkout page (i.e. the page on which the QR code is displayed). I am hard at work implementing a callback method that will confirm the payment in the background and send confirmation emails even before the customer returns to press the “I’ve made the payment” button.

The plugin is ready for distribution and can be installed on any Wordpress site that runs a Woocommerce shop. However, it is not thoroughly tested yet, and I don’t want to be responsible for breaking someone else’s website with a faulty piece of code. If you still want to take the chance, let me know and I’ll gladly share the files with you.

Your feedback will be highly appreciated!


Amazing work :heart_eyes:, Ill share this around!


Thanks for your hard work - more people like you. I only do what I can and it is marketing at my twitter so I shared a lot of post. So i have received 9 Badges for NICe share… This i post too at my twitter page we can connect there if you are there too -


Great work here buddy. I’ve done a once over for you, and it’s worked great.

Can I recommend adding the price to the initial electroneum payment selection. I have done the following in the Magento module I’m working on:


Thanks man! Really appreciate the once-over. I can confirm that I received the payment on my side:

I’ll definitely give your suggestion a try. As far as I know the order is not generated until the customer presses “Place Order” which comes after selecting the payment method. I guess one can get the cart total and display it on the checkout page, but without an order I won’t be able to store the converted ETN amount, and the amount might therefore change slightly on the next page as the ETN price fluctuates. Nevertheless, one can at least say something like “you will be charged approximately xx ETN”.

Looking forward to a demo of your integration!



This is absolutely incredible! Is there any chance you could please make a simple recording on a second phone of making a purchase in a woocommerce store to demonstrate the system? If you can post a simple video to youtube and paste it in here we will get it out on our Twitter and Facebook pages today and start showing the world what people are doing.

Are you willing to share your code with the world? Perhaps we can reach out to woocommerce and see if we can get ETN to be a standard payment extension.

Thanks for your hard work!

Have a great day!



This is utterly awesome, well done!
Congrats on being the first to get an actual e-commerce site supporting ETN via instant payment API!


This is bloody amazing.

Awesome work :heart_eyes:



Good day Sir, I was wondering will there be an app extension for the mobile app to go directly to the E Commerce site? Just a general place from the app that will let everyone know where or who accepts ETN.

I just feel it would be more mobile friendly aside from having to use a desk top.


Awesome job Benjamin :+1:
It worked out perfectly, fast and easy. And now I have new decorations on my desktop :star_struck:

I am working on setting it up on my store as well, but it is going to take some time.


Excellent work @benjaminoo. I just tested it on your site and successfully purchased myself a ETN logo. Everything worked great and smooth. :+1:


This is Awesome @benjaminoo :+1: hopefully after you there Will follow many more to have it on their online stores!


Haha Nice decorations @Trausti :blush:


Tutto fatto in pochi secondi. Ottimo lavoro.


Worked like a charm :heart:


Here you go!

I am more than willing to share my code with the world. It should be really easy to implement. My only concern is that the code is not thoroughly tested yet and might break someone else’s website. For those that are brave enough, I’ll create a Google Drive folder with the code for you to try out and modify.


It worked second try.
First try after I scanned the QR code the app was stuck on “loading”. Also I believe if you do an instant payment a message like “Payment sent”. Would be better than “Payment sent to the Blockchain”.

Also the checkout process should check automaticly if the payment is received with some setTimeout Timer and ajax maybe. And then jump to a “Payment received” page.

Other than that I’m hyped =).

Amazing work.


Awesome !!! This is happening guys :slight_smile:


Really good job , thank’s a lot .
I hope someone will follow your example and create a prestahsop payment module .

Anyway … good job :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks for incedible WORK from your side. The TEAM need to share with the community ASAP :wink: