Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


Have a contact that makes damn good moonshine, takes his time and destill properly. Its just to mix with herbs, or what you want, to make some good nipping spirits.
Made me a herb spirit and Cherrys from the garden for christmas.


It was dreamy and creative.
A bit like a world I discovered ten years ago.
But hey thats just my story and it works for me cause I can kick back and equally enjoy yours!!


Pahini, you are a wise man to be able to enjoy from afar.


I myself am partial to Japanese whisky at this time, a fun lot to explore


As the weather turns colder, stouts become my beverage of choice. Just had one of these last night. Stone Brewing is a great micro brewer here in the states.


Brewed with pecans, wheat & rye, one quarter aged in bourbon barrels.
This beer is amazing.


Thirst… thank you guys, now i need to drop by the beer shelfs before the evening​:sunglasses::grin:


buy me some too, been day-drinking today and i’m running low :joy:


Hellyeah bring it on I say.
That sounds amazing.
Someone put a lot of love into that recipe!


My favorite stout in the States is Everett from Hill Farmstead, just incredible. And Edmund Fitzgerald from Great Lakes Brewing.


Gentlemen (I use that term loosely) - I have been gently reminded that we need to keep the language used in this thread appropriate for all ages and genders, and sensibilities. It is on me to stay on top of this, but your help would be greatly appreciated.


Good water…The essense of a truly great ether
(No reference to any cryptocurrency alive dead or in between!)


I agree and I support with twenty squirrels!


Goooooood evening! I’ve just got back from the pub after work I had an interesting Ale called Cherry Stone, pretty good really. How are you all? I’m toying with the beer induced idea of more ETN! Wise choices are always made after a few beers hence having kids!


Well its that time of year we celebrate the Beltane.
(Halloween in modern terminology being one part of the four)
With women leaping in the air to celebate their fertility commonplace …a decision I’ll leave in your capable hands…without my input!


Hey @Pahini where I am from we practice Flingcatch where we randomly catch women launching into the air happy with being fertile, but there was more to the holiday just recently revealed. It was also due to them investing in ETN. It is becoming a new fad called Bubbleburst where people overcome with joy begin leaping around, hence the phrase flingcatch, because they can no longer retain their ETN happiness. This is a direct result in investing specifically in ETN. It is a fun holiday although my arms get sore after a while!.. a decision I’ll leave in your capable hands… without my input! … cheeky grin


Sounds like sore arms are an attribute no doubt envied by non ETN and non crypto believers alike.
"I want what theyre on …I want sore arms too"they cry!


all sensibilities, that’s a tough task
want me to swing my hammer on Hurt Feelings? :sunglasses:


Yes, all sensibilities, young man. With this witty and wise crowd, all is possible. :nerd_face:


It’s going to be interesting to see when the adoption of ETN by merchants and small mobile operators will catch the attention of the crypto investing public and the mainstream media. Right now we have better press than ever, but it tends to be the same 3 or 4 authors who are writing about us.