Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


Congratulations to M-Kid and everyone in the Fight The ETN Dump Club! Having resurrected ETN from its $0.005 doldrums, it’s now time to continue the fight with a new purpose – to fight the FUDDERS. First rule of the thread: Be relentlessly and unashamedly positive toward Electroneum and ETN. Second rule of the thread: NO FUD ALLOWED. FUD is welcome on many threads on this community forum, but not this one. :grin: Third rule of the thread: Speculate to your heart’s content about things that will make ETN grow and prosper. Any questions? The fight is on, boys and girls–it’s time to take on the FUDDERS!

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

First…LOL i am History


Congratulations BFA! Very proud of you.



M says this Turkcell business isn’t true, but it’s fun to dream. . .


That is a weary difficult article or tweet to judge at. If it is true there is a lot to come later with news from other companies in other nations. It is possible that it is true and i give us 50% chance it is because that is what we are about.


M system is a community member not a admin?


I agree. And if we are going to have deals with one or two Turkish mobile operators, the biggest ones are Turkcell, Vodafone, and Turk Telekom. It would make some sense that Turkcell, which is the biggest, would be one of them.


I think he’s an admin. But whatever he is, he’s the man.


Vodafone is the 4 biggest mobile phone company in the world, and that is beyond huge


On that note did you see the lineup of telcos dent has?many seem to be vodaphone oriented


What’s dent, Pahini?


Dent coin.120 on cmc or thereabouts


Totally agree that Vodafone would be a natural fit for ETN, since it’s based in the UK, has lots of customers in the areas ETN is interested in, Vodafone has M-Pesa, and the ETN players know the Vodafone players. But they may be competitors down the road, not partners.


I just googled “Dent” and “Vodafone” and this popped up: “Europe’s economic woes have dented third-quarter revenues at Vodafone.”


They sell and reuse data.if you pay with dent you get more minutes/data.
Its just their telcos that may be of interest to some.
The coin is still in beta.
ETNis so much more advancdd …like a year easy.


M-pesa is the main reason for me thinking about virgin as a partner and not vodafone. The job Turkcell is doing with the other companies regarding crypto made me belive in them


I think you’re on the right track. And there was talk of South Africa, and Virgin Mobile has about 15 million customers there, IIRC.


This is al the companies in Virgin group, if we get them it is pure love


I just looked at their website – definitely some overlaps, but a more limited coin in purpose? Good to see some competition in the space, it means others think there’s money to be made . . .