Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


that is pretty offensive (!), i can feel something (not sure what) now

I’ll reward you a minor spam hammer @Squidward_Nakamoto



haha RSK, I will remember that you are extremely sensitive.


Shall we have some fun?


No, Jokke, we shall not. We shall discuss ETN in a witty and jolly way.


Do some fun betting, f.ex, bet etn on what sat we are at in, f.ex the next whole our, here its 20:24 now, so at 22.00 f.ex, in 1our, 36min. 10 etn bet. Closest sat wins.


Jokkeularity…the forever jovial one.
Gotta love it​:heart::heart::heart: plus twenty squirrels for your quick thinking!


@Stefo, cosa fai oggi?


Hva skjer med mine norske brødre og søstre?


Skal ut med hunden og inn å drikke øl, så er snart tilbake


Utmerket. Ha en for meg.


Niente, my friend. I’m at work and waiting to finish… Bored and tired… You? R u OK?


I’m good my friend. Talk to you after work!


OK, in late night. 2 hours


@Squidward_Nakamoto hi squid, good morning. Sorry but i was tired


Guys, yesterday we had another big dump that continues until today and maybe for the next weeks. We must be strenght and keep holding. Some FUD in here that needs some comfortable words?


I continue to hear that KYC makes us unpopular with the crypto crowd generally. We’ll need some fresh $$ to make a serious move at this point, I would surmise.


It is going to be hard to keep a price increase when we have a bear crypto market, investors who are emotionally driven and only want to see partnership deals with major major companies. Most people are extremely short sighted and it is going to take IOS app or partnership with the likes of Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile etc to get the new investors into our market. This however is not a bad thing at all for us long term holders as it does buy us many weeks to months more time to collect as many ETN as we like before we get some major news. Just don’t get discouraged if partnership deals do not increase our price. Investors want big partners or nothing at all. So until we get the big boys as partners just keep collecting ETN because it will happen one day. :slight_smile:


Everyone, every project has some enemies, is normal. Some tell that etn will be popular, some other no. Who can tell? Not even etnbot can say…
Market is strange. I want to mention an italian artist of 60’s: Piero Manzoni and his Merda d’artista, Artist’s Shit (you can google it). Is a sealed metal can full of shit (maybe) or something other. Who knows. But if anyone open it, will lose his value, or not. Who knows?
Etn is the same “artist’s shit”. Maybe gains value or not. Future will tell


I always prefer to zig when everyone else is zagging.


That’s wise advice, M-Kid. I think it’s safe to say that no one knows when ETN will really catch on, but if the team keeps executing on its business plan, it will be significantly higher someday than it is today. Given their ambitions and likely execution, a valuation of $150 million seems exceedingly low.