Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


it is a average ok beer, hver you from?


From the States, beer was really bad until a few years ago, now it rocks


The beer change or you become older?sometimes i buy budweiser, like the commercials :slight_smile:


Beer, is as I remember it pretty ok here.
Over the last seven years a string of in house brewers entered the market and started bringing the love back into beer.
Beer took a huge toll on my intestines towards the end …
The last three years of my drinking profession I drank Mercury Dry Cider.
A Tasmanian Cider of 100% apples,
Seriously Good Gear!


I did find some interesting happening with BTC. Short positions are losing ground and that is a sign of positivity is on the way back in the market, and more traders think the bottom is close, So if i gonna speculate open, the big boys are ready and we see the first move to set up BTC for a bull run. I am working to find the trigger point in the map. there is no noise about the shorts so they do it a bit stelty. In 1-3 weeks it might start, remember hver you did hear it first :sunglasses:

My bull target is a green candle in the dayli above 6500 5-6 November i marked a green line in map (timeframe dayli)

To have a change in trend we need a confirmation in the weekly trend.12 November the price must be above 6950. If i got those numbers i will say we are in a bull trend, and with those numbers we can trade bull and a bull race is possible. The moon boys are silent, the blood in the streets are drying up and everybody realise a bull run might come in may or sometimes in 2020.

Many of us expect ETN to start a bull run for it self this month or so (i do) and it we are seeing positivity in the rest of the market too that can amplify the ETN bull run. It can also be the ETN that trigger the BTC change in trend and only ETN go moon and btc only walk slowly upwords.

There is a few things to consider in a positiv market not a crazy market like last time, and that is not all coins will shine like ETN will, many will be left behind. It is not only a bear market than can rip shitcoins apart also a bull market, it is just a little more gentle. There is one coin that might surprise many that i think can feil and that is XRP, i think it is only hype.

The size and power in cryptos have made it to a force with larger interest, so it is becoming to be of political matters. When politics and regulation entering this market, there will be many traps that can make a coin worthless in a blink of an eye. that is why when friends ask me about advice, i normally tell them to exclude all privacy coins.I even think that some exchanges that will work in KYC/AML regulations will in time be forced to exclude privacy coins, but there will be exchanges that accept them (islands where the tax collector does not go), but the value of this coins might be lower than today.

This was a weary long answer for a questions you did not ask :moneybag:

I hope people that read this vote!!:grin:

  • For all that feels the FOMO
  • 12 November a green candle higher high above 6950$ BTC weekly
  • ETN above $0.03 before 12 November
  • Are ETN launching a new deal before KYC is finnish
  • Vote if sosiale media should have a beer lock

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What beer lock?
Twenty squirrels


a alco lock on the social media on the PC, no posting while drunk :slight_smile:


Heres a great piece of music that suits the Electroneum
“Highly Evolved”
By an Australian group called the Vines


What about a balltearer from Canada…
“Blow at high dough” by the Tragically Hip


Tragically Hip a reference to the great Elvis Costello


Tragically hip were #1 in canada about eleven twelve years ago.
The reference is possible.
I dont follow bands.
I f the music makes my hair stand on end or makes me cry …Its worth as much as a pocketful of Electroneum!


Never heard their music although I heard they were excellent, going to listen to your suggestion. The Elvis Costello song is “Town Cryer,” from imperial bedroom, a classic.


A tribute to the whale and his battle…
“Long Live The Billionaire” by Alexandra Govere.
That makes every hair stand on end.
The range in her vocals is off chops


A bit heavier and more in -your-face to the projects Electroneum leaves behind…
“Starfucker” by Hanzel und Gretyl


Budweiser is pisswater… not beer.:blush:
I drink handmade, ale’s, ipa, etc etc…


Its pretty hard to make a 12 year old single malt in an hour.
I used to brew my own ,
I knowwhere youre coming from


Advent stake where im from(96%)


Dragster fuel
Twenty squirrels


You famliar with DarkAnd Stormy (dark rum /ginger beer)
I had a musician friend I used to hang with in Cairns.
He made the whole lot from scratch,
Another World would be close to describing it.
Rushed, mass produced stuff has so many toxins it takes away from the true spirit of the moment.


Imagine its a notch up yes, not that parfumed shit.