Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


Stefo, you’re going to get me in trouble! “Artist’s Merda” will suffice. :nerd_face: But the analogy is apt.


That’s the best way to make money in any market. Zig when they zag.


Fight the FUD! Fight The FUD That Be!




If you feel any fud against joytel take a look at this


“Brife introduction”

“Tahnk you for your attention”



There are so many moving parts to ETN’s success at this point, it’s very exciting. iOS, vendors, mobile operators, exchanges, user growth, cloud mining, so many catalysts to growth exist. In some respects, the crypto bear market has been a wonderful thing for ETN. It has allowed the company to grow – and make mistakes – in an environment in which every coin was punished. And it probably stymied potential competitors at a time when ETN was running full speed toward its objectives.


Crypto…you either win or you learn
You never lose.


That got me all hyped!! Fomo fomo!! Fight the Power that be :sunglasses:


is ETN/ EUR pairing on Liquid already online? It is dated for today,


Im hearing a yes in the other topic .
I saw it there somewhere a few hours ago.


It is a relatively FUD-free day today, which is wonderful. Good vibes all around.




Stefo, come stai stasera?


Hey you. Are you reading? OK. So you have bought your bunch of ETNs many months ago, right?
You have circa 100k of black&blu coins, right?
You have bought when it was at 0.017 and seen the price grow until 0.019 in many months, right?
And now you are seeing the price is falling down,right?
And now you are on kucoin and your finger is clicking on the red button, right?
OK, you are a jackass.
I’ll see you in 2-3 years from my sweet, little and lovely boat. :wave::wave::wave:


Attaboy, Stefo, you tell them.


Abbastanza bene, friend. Ho appena lasciato un messaggio ai prossimi FUD che leggeranno :joy::joy::joy:
And you? Is everything OK with you?


Tutto è fantastico, amico mio. Sono seduto qui con mio figlio che presto avrà la sua cittadinanza italiana.


It is needed. I know that newbies in economy have the temptation to sell everything they had collected, but who knows and believe in the strenght of electroneum, knows that in 2-3 years the price will grow.