Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


You are right. People are too quick to pull the trigger and sell for a small profit.


Ahhahaah wow!!! You really want to come in Italy!! Yes, for rich people is a paradise here, but the medium class has lot to suffer here. But i really love this hell of country.


Haha when he moves there he will have lots of ETN $$ and can enjoy Sardinia with my friend Stefo.


Next week i’ll try to post some pics from sardinia, if there is some sun. Is a bit rainy these days


Say hello to your child from me :blush::blush::blush:


He says “Ciao.” Venti caratteri.


I’m really pleased to take you for a tour in here


Ciao sweetie :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:


I go to sleep, my friend. See you tomorrow :blush::blush::blush:


A domani. Buona notte.


Good morning guys. Don’t be FUD, get FOOD


Sharing this Twitter post in a few areas here on the forum since it’s an important one for those of us which is many who’ve had issues getting past level 2 KYC. I am happy to see a solution announced and again as I said in the other threads, if it works for me since I am one who’s stuck on level 2 I will share it with you.


Aye stefo that I did.
Chicken Massaman was the order of the day!
All out of likes at the moment but Ill send you one later!


Chicken massaman, yummy.


I usually do a big cook once a week for the whole week.
I can never muster the energy to cook on weeknights after work.
As yet I havent found a suitable “nurse” to cook for me!
I never seem to tire with curries,
Pretty much a staple.
Great fudfighter food


Don’t know this chicken massaman, but if you write the recipe on the thread, i prefere than the :heart:
:joy::joy::joy::joy: i love chicken


Massaman paste or green curry if you prefer.
Ill either use tomatoes or coconut milk,
I don’t like sticking to the rules of cooking.
2kg chicken cuts(bone in is best)
2 large onions
2 sweet potatoes
2 leeks
2 tins of either coconut milk or tomatoes
Salt pepper to taste.
I just brown the chicken off
Throw everything else in and cook it low for two hours.
Takes ten minutes, lasts me five days and costs me about
US $12 all up.


Uhm… Sounds nice and good. I’ll try soon. Think in Italy i can find all the ingredients


I used osso bucco last week with tomatoes and the massaman paste .
Just as an example.
Potatoes are okay but I find sweet potato more suitable to my taste,
Were all so different! Its a good thing!


Patata dolce…Bellisimo!
Im English …forgive my french…I tried!,!