Everybody go to coindeal and vote ETN now


just a quick line to let the ETN community know that Electroneun is running 3rd place on coin deal.com…easy sign up and just click the button for ETN …simple and done…


I have just come home on this forum and voted on coin deal. I feel like I am one of the founders of ETN and I will stick with it until we all achieve our goals


Edit the link please. it’s coming up deal dot com



coindeal.com thanks mate


I’ve tried, but I’m not allowed to have an account as a U.S. citizen. XD


Done! We can vote multiple times? :

I’ll check back tomorow!


@BegaMutex @MSystem @TruthfulRob
Would anyone like to help spread this info Nourris just pointed out? ^^^ =P Ability to vote refreshes daily.


Voted again! We’re close to second place :smile:

We only need 900 more votes to win ; let’s go community!


@ChuckNourris Unfortunately that exchange is closed to US residents :cry:


Not sure if its only closed to US residents, I’m from Australia and was able to make an account and vote on the ETN. :grinning:


They extended the vote ; we now have 7 more days. Third vote in! :smiley: :


I have voted 3 times…you can vote every 24 hours after the first vote…easy …to the moon ETN


Good work people! :smiley:


I can’t vote due to being a U.S. citizen but I’ll comment to move the post up to get exposure for those who can. Let’s hope ETN wins and gets listed on another exchange, it’s in 2nd place so it’s very possible.