ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


Sure are!
That’s Australias inland.


Ethereum fork today.
Little more than 1700 blocks for the fork.
12-month delay for difficulty increase from 3 ETH - 2 ETH per block.


Tamara McCleary closed the MWC.
Shes a top 10 big data influencer speaking of 5G saying the network wasnt ready for the tech.
2020-2021 before we get 5G here.
Still struggling for coverage on the existing networks outside suburban areas.
Yes were hanging for coverage…
Must be similar in SA.


I love it. We just have horse signs here and there.


Didnt think we would have a 4day dip after such announcements :smiley:


Me neither. But be positive, it could be worse. Some were expecting Samsung and Virgin…


I am not complaining, i will get some fiat soon :smiley:



I should be getting some extra fiat together tonight. Once more into the bags!



I still think the price will reflect in a week or two… imo…:smiley:


On Kucoin somebody with just 6,6M ETN can take out whole buy wall. :fearful:


Not this :chipmunk:, I’m still plankton level for sure.

Cool though.


Yeah, we can go to 50 if some will.


I’m kinda hoping for a sideways month. 3 weeks until I get more money for candy, pun intended.

Did we get a surprise visitor? I’m guessing it was’nt The other Richard, otherwise this site would be down. No matter, we’re on route.

I just have to constantly remind myself that it’s been only something like 18 months. In my previous company, it took a good three years to get the basic business running, and that was in a established, routine-like business environment.

It’s amazing what they have accomplished so far. Looking forward to see how this goes.


Im sure its a known guest for some in the branch. But no Bransons or Musks,:joy: a bit too early that will happen to a shed with a 80$ phone and a good vision.
Give it a year or 2. Then.
When etn smell of gold and lightshine, all sorts of fame comes for a glance


Exactamoto. Coming months/years are going to be very interesting. In the mean time, I will accumulate with some basic rules about expenditure: Always have enough money for beverages. Being Finnish, and i understand You being Norwegian, we both know that’s a very relative concept :sunglasses:


Exactly, in business as in life, things always take longer than you think they would. Or hope they would.

It took me almost a year to get a $50k USD piece of equipment approved to be purchased after going through all the proper hoops and channels.


When Electroneum M2?


What did that equipment do?


Actually running it right now.