ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


FOMO Moonwalk is open again, let’s enjoy all the FOMO antics until real GIDMO sets in.

Here is the place to chat about how we’re glad we got it in when we did. And so on and so forth.

GIDMO = Glad I Didn’t Miss Out

(Think @wtz1 coined that phrase on here)


  1. Don’t post QR codes present at any ETN presentation or trade show.
  2. Don’t post QR codes present at any ETN presentation or trade show.
  3. FOMO is still acceptable, and real.
  4. Chat about our precious, and it’s bright future. Enjoy! :grin:

Edit: Added “moonwalk” as a tribute to Cosmic’s thread.

ETN Friends HappyOur

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Who am I missing?



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You missed me!!! D:


Thank you for making the thread @Dr_Jan_Itor! Now we got a place to share exciting updates so long as we comply with the rules.


no speculation though lol


D’oh! Added

Quickly throwing this together while management walks by…


To answer a question on the other thread, I bet M1 stands for “Mark 1”


Like a MK1 GTI, I agree



Yup! (all outa likes…)


Turns out you can only “@” up to 10 people at a time per post, and you have to wait 15 seconds between posts. who knew.


The Show Must Go On


Most likely anti-spam protection


I apologize guys. I single handily locked down the Moonwalk Club.
If you want to blame someone, that would be me. Feel free to direct anger and disappointment towards me. Next time I will use better judgement. :v:




We were already on warning, so don’t sweat it too much. A few of us had a hand in it. I’m just happy they didn’t ban anyone for it. :slight_smile:


No worries, a bunch of us saw the humor in it, just not the corrrect time for it.

I trust it can be turned into a showcase of this community’s passion for ETN


Everyone will look back in a year or two and laugh about it.

Especially comment about Richard having to take a dustpan and brush to the MWC19 :rofl::rofl:


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Totally didn’t forget @Tanwax :crazy_face:

@scottyam7 @KyleFornia


I would like to think we were just having a laugh and that nobody would intentionally sabotage a project they are invested in, at least within this forum. Even on a small and humorous scale such as this.