ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


I hear ya. My colleagues had a laugh today at a meeting, discussing needed upgrades of machinery delivered for a earlier project -98. No change in machinery, just the guys talking about it getting little bit more worn :grinning:


Hello Moon Walkers,

The idea of the QR code being posted and used to send some ETN was probably meant in good faith, some of you however took it to another level. I would expect this type of behavior from someone who dislikes ETN. Seeing this coming from the professors of this community made me upset and disappointed. If you thought it was funny, it was NOT!



Btw, think alot awaits btc. Standing on sideline or sold out. Its this selffilling prophecy people wait for. I think this takes steam if btc makes a definitive move.
Sorry on behalf Msystem, i saw it spread to telegram, i think those posted it saw the failure afterwards, as its was only a short gag i think. Well, i suppose it was alot candy then, since u mention it :hear_no_evil::skull:


Not sure anyone noticed, but one thing the gag did do that was positive was to highlight what is so good about the instant payment system. Assume it gets to the point where etn is being accepted for basic goods. You send your teen to the store with their mobile that does not have an etn wallet on it. The kid does the shopping and then sends the QR code to their parents who can review it and then from wherever in the world they may be they pay.
This seems like a safer idea than sending a kid to the store with a charge card.
Perhaps at the next presentation work something like this into a demonstration?

For the record I think the first couple of times were funny. But the amount of people piling on to the same gag made it unfunny. It seems the enthusiasm of the community caused people to get carried away and end up harassing you. I think one of our video bloggers should make a video on this gag. It is funny enough on it’s surface that it could serve as viral marketing by showing how well the instant payment system actually works. People will watch and share stuff they think is funny. Maybe they don’t notice the advertisement part of it.




I would love to see that, this would be funny :))


.2 away from first cloud payout. How exciting. I do wonder if different regions will have different speeds of mining. I think that would be great. I would love to take less if it means someone in the area of need gets more.


I wondered that myself. Perhaps tie it to the referral code somehow. If a MVNO gets people onboard have their referral unlock a higher mobile mining rate. It could help target the marketing better.


I totally agree with you. I’d be okay with developing nations have a higher mining rate.


That’s exactly one benefit that I think KYC compliance enables. :+1:

Wouldn’t phase me at all if the developing world gets more faster, I’m all for it and excited to see what they do with the ecosystem.


Yeah, i wouldnt even mind giving all my cloud miner rewards to people in need or people who has local shops accept ETN for food!



These are some BIG names to be mentioned right along with. Congrats ETN Team! :+1:


M1 will be bigger than we imagine… :selfie:


This is what Im talking about. That seems way faster.


Its about $3 a month!


OMG. This is huge! @Maritz you are like the link in Africa bro. Haha


Wow, that’s really cool! Glad to see that they are delivering!


I bet it’s determined via KYC, which could be another reason they pushed it really hard. They don’t want to blow through their stash too quickly.


Bro…People are sleep on ETN…This is really big. ME. I am ALWAYS looking for a way to make a buck to surprise my wife and I make okay money by US standards. Imagine the motive is feeding your fam!