ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club 😁


Oh I know it is, I was actually incredibly excited to see him take that position. It’s very very important more than most realize. He’s such a huge asset to the team and brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge.

Indeed, we’re in the right place at the right time. I’ve been beyond impressed with all the achievements we’ve witnessed thus far. ETN’s success will I think help all of crypto immensely in the long run, I’ve thought that since I learned about their mission of mass adoption.


Electroneum has one of the brightest futures in cryptocurrency . Its exciting to see the direction the coin i have invested in is going .

With the new partnership and the surprising release of the m1 Electroneum smartphone . It is clear for all to see that we have our eyes on the bigger picture.

It is a privilege to be a part of this journey…



It is WAY too early for math like this… :sleeping:

I need one of those @plankton giant cups of coffee first! :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:

(It’s really not hard, my brain just doesn’t care yet.)


We’ve got some more new tweets! It’s awesome to see Chris around just huge companies on a
regular basis now, it’ll be interesting to see where those connections could go in the future.



i owned stocks in Opera earlier, good company.






Was this it @J5Alive?


Yep that’s the tweet I just linked to above, I’m happy to see ETN being so well received by the GSMA.


Haha I retweeted the clones that everyone else was putting around.
So much in the media, dont know which is what.


Guys, remember the first time you bought crypto and it went up 10 to 20% and you got this feeling and never turned back? :joy: Now imagine an unbanked person mining ETN and experiencing that…



And mix in the reality that Richard Ells said ‘my goal is to get to 10s of millions of users as FAST as possible’ :grin: thats when you know you are in a great project!


Does this look sort of like our mission too?

Obviously its hugely beneficial to us having more mobile coverage.
Theres no speculations here.
Just similarities.


If they can turn that into a reality, it would be a win-win for everyone :grin:


Pahini, pahini, pahini…“You know how no speculations here” turns out. :joy::joy::joy:


It is interesting to see how the whole world is working together moving towards these goals. Multiple companies/ groups with different goals and motives, all advancing the technology.

That being said, I do like that there are still places in the world that you can truly be “off the grid” and reset the brain, hope these advancements don’t take too much of that away.


True. 20 pensive otters


Yeah mate…

Try and get coverage here without a satphone.
No speculations @BigBrother305
More coverage= more users
Symbiotic relationship, no partnership required


Are those real signs?