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You mean the 12 words?

Using Ledger with it best because that’s a cold wallet and not a hot wallet? May do that, but learning one new thing at a time best for me, one step at a time!

Do any of these wallet apps have a function for paper wallets that you know of?


Yup, the 12 words is your MetaMask seed, used for creating new addresses in MetaMask.

The safest method by a LONG way is the attach to ledger instead of creating addresses in MetaMask. That way Ledger holds your Seed and is used to create address and sign transactions as a cold wallet…its quite easy and takes like 30seconds to setup.


I remember quite a bit of talk about Ellipal back in the day, and people going on their forum and asking for ETN integration, seems a long time ago… maybe now it can happen.


For me, I see no reason any of the big level 1 networks need to treat each other as a threat. At least not for 5-10 years. There is just too much room to grow right now for the tribalism out there. What I imagine is that the level 1 networks will continue to interconnect with each other. The ones that succeed will likely be the ones that can play best with the others. There will be mergers and reorgs in the future that will cause some names to cease to exist as their functions are merged together.
This is sorta like the early days of the internet. Back then AOL and Compuserve dominated what it meant to be online. The small internet providers were derided as not offering anything in terms of content and only being a ramp to content they didn’t even own. Ultimately thousands of these entities won over a few big players. The real value was the ability to interact with everyone else on every other ISP. Eventually even the big players had to join in.
Flash forward to now. Most level 1s will act like they are the only thing the world will ever need. A growing consensus on the user/investor side is that interoperability will be the key. How and where the level 1 networks will interconnect will be in flux going forward with a general trend towards more cross connects at more places.
From what I remember working in a NOC for a small 100k dialup customer ISP in 1999. There were a couple of different ways for networks to connect to each other. A smaller network could buy a transit connection to use a metered amount of bandwidth to the rest of the internet. Alternately a peering arrangement could be made between two networks to exchange traffic bound for each others networks usually without a charge. Usually you had to have a network of a certain size before anyone would consider peering with you.
So how I see this as similar to the internet. I expect some networks to have big ticket items on them. Its openly being discussed for the U.S. stock market to migrate onto Ethereum for example.This will add more incentive for all the other chains to find a way to connect to the ETH network. A number of others are competing for a similar role. Cardano, Polkadot, Zil, others, and yes Electroneum are all in a race to have something to offer. They will all have Decentralized exchanges that will eventually cross connect to each other. Online retail will almost certainly move to blockchain. A big barrier to smaller players in online retail right now is trust. Eventually this has moved most of online retail to a few places that have had good sucess in not getting hacked and losing your credit card info. With crypto being a push only payment you don’t need to trust the security of all of your funds to transact with them and buy a t shirt. Ultimately this will save retailers on fees as well as there is less need for fraud insurance. This may make crypto transactions cheaper in the long run.
How I see Etn fitting in to this right now. ETN has very good exposure to the unbanked in the developing world. Anytask, top ups for mobile and utilities add value and utility. It’s not been great as a consumer level store of value. Being able to send stablecoins from other chains could be of mutual benefit to both chains for sending remittances. It would also offer vendors and end users the chance to get something that has a more stable value for short term savings and simplified accounting.

That was probably way way too long of an answer. Been wanting to share these thoughts for a bit.
Final bit. Cross connects to other chains and the ability to send to an etn dex pretty much fixes the need for big exchanges in certain geographies. Would love to see this happen.


Thank you for the response great information :information_source:


Very insightful UncleDen. It’s also the direction I saw crypto going. But then meme culture took over crypto. Reading that reminds me that it’s still the direction crypto is heading. And ETN is a huge contender right now.

I’m also reminded that progress is never linear. Progress zigzags just like a chart :joy:


Last Richard Ells video update was March 11…


OK this is going to be a “not fud, but…” post.

Well, it’s not really, I ask because I’m interested.

Obviously a huge amount of time and work has gone into creating the new blockchain and we are among the best, fastest and cheapest… my question is how easy is it for the competition to replicate this achievement? Is there something special about ETN that enables us to keep this advantage over time, I can think of our unique validating system, but anything else which makes it difficult for copycats apart from sheer hard work and time involved, or will it be a constant race to keep ahead?

It’s obviously not impossible to do because they have done it, does that make sense?


I wonder - why doesn’t Ethereum or btc write new code to reduce the fees … others as well - they won’t because they want money.

ETN is working in a way to help others - it seems more selfless to me . That’s why there are so many haters. They hate the kyc and the legitimcy and good intentions.

most people just want to make money so it doesn’t seem likely they will change.

Anyway the long term success will depend on adoption so that’s the key one .

coins like Litecoin have been around for ages but what will they ever amount to really… as crypto grinds on you can see the old projects fade away and new ones invented to pump and dump

That’s the competition - will etn be shunned or eventually embraced as something useful and good…

who knows - to be honest at this point I just want a good pump so I keep the massages and beach life rolling along… anything else is a bonus at this point


Actually Pete, it’s the other way around. The Electroneum blockchain devs have utilised a lot of what others have written in order to create the new Smart Chain. Obviously their implementation (especially things like consensus and the bridge) has diverted from other EVM projects but still.

As has always been the case, what will set a project apart in the crypto space is adoption… the new smart chain helps and enables that, but it doesn’t cause it by itself. There are some core fundamentals which were really struggling with the legacy chain, this new blockchain starts a new chapter and makes it easier for Rich and the team to start pushing out into the commercial sector.


hmm… in my opinion we missing popularity in the crypto sector… these days no one serious talking about us… unfortunately we like or not social media and infliencers doing the job… I see this in other projects… we need exchanges… big time for treading ETN (to be recognised by traders) and also to be seen in media!!! even the best project without popularity will have very hard time to shine


The old blockchain is holding us back a little. We are in a transition period.


That makes more sense. So there could easily be others with our speed and 5 second blocks etc.
Just hope the commercial focus is “for” something specific and imminent and not only speculative.
Just about done buying now, I had enough in 2020 really, but now I really, really, really, have enough. So now we sit and wait.


I’m so glad we took over the orange distribution business from grandpa (the old blockchain) but he’s handing us 1 orange at a time
and we have to stack those into crates
and then stack those into pallets
and then wrap those and stack those on top of each other
and then load them into 18 wheelers
and there is 50 docks of trucks waiting to be filled to transfer to the new distribution center.

Just to give an analogy.

So I guess we are stuck with waiting on centralized exchanges for the time being until someone starts a L2 bridge between Electroneum and other chains? Otherwise were just trading meme coins?


Yeah don’t get overly excited, We have a great product but it doesn’t mean everyone wants to eat our oranges. We need to get the attention of a lot of people to buy into our product for prices to move.

Nothing we can do - just wait and see what the team can do to break out of the old mold.


My mistake that is ETNT which I don’t know what that is.
I thought coinstore was already trading ETN. It is not ETN.


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