Electroneum Smart Chain Migration FAQ

I’m using Ledger as my signer for MetaMask. Works great. Note, this is MetaMask desktop in a browser, not mobile. I haven’t used that.

:bangbang:Make sure Ledger Software and Firmware is up-to-date and your seed is safe.

  1. Create new Ethereum Account in Ledger live, give it a name so you know its the ETN wallet as it wont have a balance showing in Ledger. Note down its public address so you can recognise it in a bit.
  2. Go to MetaMask and Setup new network pointing to Electroneum Smart Chain (if you haven’t already)… Text guide for connecting Smart Chain here…also shown in video here.
  3. Add Account.
  4. Choose “Add Hardware Wallet”. (make sure ledger live is closed).
  5. Connect to Ledger on Ethereum App.
  6. Select the Wallet you created in step 1 from the list, using the public address you noted down.

Done… you now have an account in MetaMask which is using a wallet in Ledger. No Private Key is stored in MetaMask, its stored in the Ethereum App on Ledger.

You may need to enable “blind signing” in order to send ETN using ledger… but try without first.

When you send coins in MetaMask…it makes a request to Ledger to sign the transaction rather than doing it in MetaMask. Sooooo much safer.

Obviously your ETN balance doesn’t show in Ledger, as that is looking at the Ethereum network for that wallet…not the Electroneum Network… but shows fine in MetaMask as that is pointing to the Smart Chain.

Just remember to keep your Ledger Seed super safe (that was what generated and controls the Wallet you are using in Ledger).

Be nice to have dedicated Electroneum App in ledger rather than using Ethereum app, hopefully one day. More hardware wallet options would be nice as well.

Like anything of this nature, test it out first to get comfortable with it BEFORE sending any large amount of ETN…or wait for dedicated integration down the line.