Car talk / show and tell club. :)


Watching it tonight (again,) I fell asleep watching last night. What I saw didn’t seem great. A second watch will tell.


Right, Man TV time!


The Hennessy tuned Chevvy is the mutts nuts! Stupid decals though.


I had one like this it was grey


I think it’s all marketing, going after the Challenger “demon”. But it is nice to see the muscle car makers and tuners competing against each other and promoting “POWER” again.

How about what looked like a new Stratos in the season teaser? :grinning: I don’t even want to Google it yet…


Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning in my “winter wonderland.”

Yea it’s not a car, but it’s got 4 wheels! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who doesn’t love a quad? Fun,fun,fun!


I like two wheels I think four to feel like riding a tractor but fun none the less.


I agree, two wheels are my go to, but my frankenbike is still in many pieces. And that project is on the back burner.
Although my buddy’s bike is sitting next to it and hasn’t been started in a while…:thinking:


Still have to put the winch and plow on the wolverine. We don’t get road service back here in the woods. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::chipmunk::chipmunk::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:


The wildest 300 in the world



Although not the point of it’s you tube channel, I’d love to see what it’d do on a drag strip.

Nowhere near the same, but my favorite TV bit with a 300 is:

Probably my favorite father/ son TV bit too. I usually hate product placement in shows/ movies too, but come on! :grinning:


My New Ride.
Mitsubishi Triton GLX
Turbo diesel 4x4
Got it Monday last.
Practical and sensible.
I fit in a Lambo physically,
Just not mentally! ,!
This thing goes hard too.
I was quite surprised.
It was one of those cars I got in and just said "yeah, I’ll take it if you take 1k off the price.
I managed to squeeze hhim for 500 off, 12 month warranty and four new tyres.
I did ask him whether he accepted Crypto as payment.
He looked at me rather quizzically! ,!


N[ce ride Pahini you can go in the out back for a drive about with it


Its not a new car by any standards. 2010 model
Was a country car too.
Coastal cars here are so full of rust.
My daughter doesnt mind it either.
Its pretty tidy.


Very cool wish I had one fancy


Mate its not fancy.
In price either. Like US 7500 circa.
It was a very sensible purchase so I had more to spend on Electroneum.
Maximum FoMo intended!!


It dosn’t have too be expensive to be nice and fancy brother. I also think it is good on gas right?


So far.
I went for a drive the other day …about 100km.
It used next to nothing.
Being turbo diesel its probably twice as economical as its petrol “brother”.


Nice ride @Pahini!

I wish diesels would take off over here. There’s a few exceptions, but selection is pathetic. The return of the Ford Ranger was rumored to have a diesel option as the T6 models worldwide did, but only “Ecoboost” for the time being.