Car talk / show and tell club. :)


Stock all the way for me, I was trying to place the wheels and it was bugging me. You’re right. Shame they didn’t fit O.Z. wheels though, I think it cheapens the look.


Once the Queen is in bed I’m watching this with a cold beer.


They were actual OZs with the Ford Racing emblems, but they got powdercoated white. And they spent a premium too, not sure why they coated em.


Just watched the episode and I’m in love, the third wing actually looks great when you see it. I’m not even offended by the rallye wheels either. Beautiful!


I agree but I already have my dream car it is an old mans car all stock.
All I did was put rain guards on, Mud Flaps, and smoke the windows.


Very cool, is that the Hemi version?


No I don’t need the power ;however, it has plenty of get up and go. This is the Limited edition Very plush leather and the works.


here’s my boy. Was actually considering selling for etn back during the fomo craze




I wish they still made good wagons here. Mostly crossovers and SUVs. Closest thing is the Golf Alltrack, higher end German models are hard to find and well meh. Subaru Crosstrek is close but underpowered. Was looking at a used Hemi Magnum AWD (wish they still made em), but settled on a squinty eyed Cherokee.


Yeah grew up with Ford wagons and got a dog so went for the wagon again. This has plenty of power. 3.6 ltr v6.


When I here Ford wagon, I think of this as my buddy had one in high school:

Meanwhile, I was driving this:

(not mine, but color is close)

I think the last real ford wagon stateside was a focus. Unless you can count the Mazdas…


Awesome. You never saw those where I live. I grew up with this ford but it was medium blue colour images%20(5)


I’ve just realised that The Grand Tour Starts again tonight on Amazon! Just go to bed kids and wife, NOW! (I might add it’s only 19:50 here.) Very excited!:racing_car::wind_face:


Funny how I pitched Grand Tour on this thread last week and completely forgot about it until reading your post…
One of the few car shows my wife will actually watch.
Cold beer… Check
Fire stick… Check


The orangutan… Check


aww thanks for the group invite @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7

I currently have a BMW, When etn moons I’m giving my car to my mom and getting a Porsche Panamera


very nice! :slight_smile: are you Russian by any chance?


Thanks! Canadian actually. German/Swedish decent